@ferds People started talking about it and half a year later I thought, Ok, this does not seem to be yet another central service and I searched for an instace and got this one and I'm quite happy with it.

I tried StatusNet 5 or 9 years ago, but didn't really move my main posting activity into it.

@ferds I liked the idea. And wanted to share microblogging content. Never been on twitter 😊 so this is all new an exciting for me.

@ferds I was like sooo close to spin up a new GNU social instance but was like "isn't there something more fancy and modern that is not php?" ... searched around and found Mastodon, joined mastodon.social for a while, really fell in love with it and later decided to join the Fediverse with my own instance. I never became this happy with any social thingie before. ❤️

(and yes I was aware of Friendica)

@ferds I saw it mentioned on twitter by @aral, and I was pretty frustrated with the then dying/dead Tent project, so I jumped the gun with both legs (or whatever the correct idiom is).

@ferds I opened it as a new channel - I have tried Gnu Social, Diaspora and others as well. But the Mastodon spheres are suffiiently active that it has become my primary channel.

@ferds I think, I liked the prospects of what the fediverse can be. I thought about getting an account during the first wave, but as I didn't know which instance to choose, and as I wasn't too keen on yet another social media profile, I postponed that until it became clear, what the aim of ActivityPup is: kaffeeringe.de/2018/08/16/mast

@ferds curiosity and the urge to find something better than facebook

The shutdown of the gnusocial instance i were using 😄

I learned about xmpp, then matrix, then diaspora and finally Mastodon and learned about ActivityPub. I think it's insane to use centralised services when you have libre options available.
The only reason I never used any of these before only was because I didn't know they existed.

@ferds Starting to use Mastodon feels like 10 years ago now :blobthinkingsmirk: I have played with identi.ca before and I was not very enthusiastic. When I read about Mastodon and tried it, I was hooked very soon. #mastodon

@ferds I found Pump.io (a similar thing but with less features,no users and a ugly design) when searching for some cool new projects but not really sure where I found it.Then someone told me that there's also Mastodon which is much better.He was right and now I'm here.

@ferds Twitter introduced "here is a tweet people you follow liked!" messages into the notifications. That finally ticked me off enough that when I noticed someone I followed on Twitter ran an instance, I decided: "Screw it - a friend of mine said a year ago that Mastodon is the Twitter that doesn't have Nazis in it? Let's give it a try."

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