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Thomas Leister
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85049 Ingolstadt, Germany
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Terms of use

Metalhead.club server is run and provided voluntarily. There are some rules to make living together peacefully possible. You accept these rules by creating an account on this server.

In general German law applies to this instance, since the service is run in a german datacenter. Violation of these laws will be prosecuted. Additionally the following community guidelines apply:


  • Running Bots
  • Hardcore Pornography
  • „Spamming“
  • Insulting and persecuting users or groups
  • Spreading and supporting racist, sexist, nazi, anti-democratic, inhuman, homophobic or extremist content.

You shall:

  • Be nice, helpful and tolerant to each other
  • Fight racism and discrimination
  • Respect each other
  • Flag forbidden content
  • Tag content as „NSFW“ (“not safe for work“) if it might offend or disturb users.

The provider of this service will remove content at his own discretion if it does not suit a free, peaceful and tolerant world. In this case, the author of the concerning content will be notified.

Community-Guidelines in a nutshell

„Behave nice and respect each other“

Blocked and silenced Mastodon instances

Mastodon instances, which violate law or community guidelines of this instance might get blocked completely or partly.

DomainBlock typeReason
pawoo.netmedia blocked"Loli"
freezepeach.xyzsuspendedhate speech
roughseas.xyzsuspendedhate speech
gab.comsuspendedhate speech
gab.aisuspendedhate speech
humblr.socialsilencesUntagged nudity