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Hi! I'm going to post some mostly oldschool / bands for those interested in this niche. Some may not exactly fit but are related somehow.
To name a few "popular" ones that are going to be mentioned so you get the direction:

Currently listening to a lot since I saw some episodes of German series. Early German at its best!

Heading to Morbid Catacombs Festival in Berlin tomorrow. Already mentioned headlining earlier, but there are some more cool acts. Check out for some sick Swedish !


New album in sight coming from Finnish
! Listen to the first released track: Malignant Strange Vision

Really excited them active again, hopefully they will tour a little more again.

New song is nice, especially the kinda epic part later. They improved their riffing and also got some Destroyer 666 vibes.

About 10 years ago, I made a Assassin backshape for my vest from pretty thin fabric. It held quite well, but a few weeks ago I had to replace it eventually. Here's the replacement!

Next stop upcoming Weekend: Wilwarin festival featuring German ! Crusty from Berlin. Their debut "Taking back the land" was awesome and they just released new album "By Ancient Force" which I still have to check out.


To add some : Starting today, I'm going to recommend whole bands instead of single albums as I think this fits the goal of the account better.

Anticipating today's concert of and in , I want to share my favourite song of the headliner: Barbed Wire Lust from Witching Hour! They started playing raw a decade ago but evolved to something they now call Ancient Black Metal. I really like both styles and this song is a good general representatoin of the band.

Today I'll present a little less known gem from Germany: ! If you liked , give it a shot - Eurynomos' singer is Desaster's former Vocalist with his unique evil voice! Absolute killer oldschool , listen to "Witchryder" from their first Trinity EP, "Unchained from the Crypt".


After yesterday's , it's only logical to name their fellow countrymen ! Almost all members have a past in Urn, so it's no surprise that their music goes into a similar direction - raw at it's finest. Here is "Dark Demonic Domain" from their first album "Into The Age Of Fire".


Listened to Nuctemeron the whole morning and somehow got Destruction's Bestial Invasion stuck in my head now (without listening to it). Great stuff!

Let's have a look at infamous ! Being one of the better known combos, they only recently restarted with their 2017 comeback "The Burning" after doing not much but a few shows for almost 10 years. They seem to be in new strengt and are currently recording the next album. Listen to "Possessed by Satan" from their second album "Dawn of the Devastation"!


Correction: It was from 2014 and still with Tyrannizer. Whoops. But it's pretty cool.

This also reminds me that they released an album last year with new vocalist Invoker. I didn't check it out yet, I really should give it a try.

Another one from Germany today: German ! Their debut album "Arrival of the Carnivore" is full of classics, with even having a music video for "Temple of Sin", but I prefer "Victorious Night" for it's very cool riffs:


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