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Hi! I'm going to post some mostly oldschool / bands for those interested in this niche. Some may not exactly fit but are related somehow.
To name a few "popular" ones that are going to be mentioned so you get the direction:

If y'all in the mood for some indigenous North American black metal, Ixachitlan released their debut EP "Eagle, Quetzal, and Condor" this month.

Expect raw atmospheric black metal with melodic riffs and harsh vocals.

passes on all fees today (CMT) in order to support struggling artists. Make sure to clear your wishlist today if you can.
Image shows my new music, everything from today except for the last item. :) Maybe I'll write about some of it.

impossible brutality von als handwasch-lyrics. finde ich ja nicht schlecht!

Never posted about , did I? Awesome raw black thrashing underground stuff. The "Nocturnal Ritual" EP is, despite the bad (not in a good way) sound, one of my alltime favs, especially the song Black Thrashing Metal:

Discovering new cool sounding bands only to find out they are nazi scum

just discovered a cool feature on #duckduckgo when I search for information about a metal band: Enter "!maband" followed by the band name. You will get the search result on Metal Archives right away.
#metalarchives #encyclopaediametallum #!bang #metal

The new / Split features 2 new tracks of the latter one. Eternal Proscription really is a great song! Nice / from .

Nice, someone uploaded a video from them playing their new song "The burning Warpath to Hell" yesterday! Unfortunately mighty are too loud to be recorded with potato microphones, but it's a nice memory anyways.

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Finally found a mate to go to today's show with ! Nifelheim also released their new EP today and I hope there will be some new songs on the set.

Currently listening to after a while. Holy, I forgot how intense these are! Evil / with a note of allmighty Possessed. Here's the opener of their first album, get ready for the Conqueror of Black Souls!

Currently listening to a lot since I saw some episodes of German series. Early German at its best!

Heading to Morbid Catacombs Festival in Berlin tomorrow. Already mentioned headlining earlier, but there are some more cool acts. Check out for some sick Swedish !


New album in sight coming from Finnish
! Listen to the first released track: Malignant Strange Vision

Really excited them active again, hopefully they will tour a little more again.

New song is nice, especially the kinda epic part later. They improved their riffing and also got some Destroyer 666 vibes.

About 10 years ago, I made a Assassin backshape for my vest from pretty thin fabric. It held quite well, but a few weeks ago I had to replace it eventually. Here's the replacement!

Next stop upcoming Weekend: Wilwarin festival featuring German ! Crusty from Berlin. Their debut "Taking back the land" was awesome and they just released new album "By Ancient Force" which I still have to check out.


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