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Hi! I'm going to post some mostly oldschool / bands for those interested in this niche. Some may not exactly fit but are related somehow.
To name a few "popular" ones that are going to be mentioned so you get the direction:

Music rec. (Bandcamp) 

I know I'm late, but here are some more #bandcamp recommendations for today's NAACP Fundraiser. Mostly HC Punk and Black/Death Metal.

You have probably seen this list with more than 2000 black artists already.
It's a lot to process so here's what I got and recommend from that list:

Zulu - Our day will come (HC Punk)

Dispossessed - Warpath never ended (Red Black/Death Metal):

Lust Sick Puppy - Cosmic Brownie (experimental/electropunk):

Not from that list, some leftist Black Metal (as in the genre, not necessarily with black musicians) :

Trespasser -

Operation Volkstod - No Gods No Masters

Seas of Winter - Dead Forest:

Never posted about from Italy, did I? One of my all time faves is their album Necessary Extinction which becomes 10 years old today. A very cool mix of blackened and with excellent riffing.

Lust for Torment:



Fox News: Their strategy is to attack and dethrone god

Some metalheads: Sounds like a great band name, here we go:

Attack and Dethrone God - Attack and Dethrone God

As bandcamp waives there fees again tomorrow, I have some recommendations:

Solarized - A Ghost Across Hell From Me (hardcore punk)

Dälek - Endangered Philosophies (hip hop)

Concrete God - S/T EP (hard rock)

Against Nature - Leer (doom metal)

Iron Man - The Passage (doom metal)

#Bandcamp is waiving all fees again tomorrow (Friday, 5th of June)!

Time to clean that wishlist and support your favourite musicians if you can.

We share with you all our single MARGARET that will be part of the full length "Rock n 'Roll Possession"

Keep Rocking! 🔥🔥🔥🔥

is waiving it's fees again today, so if you can now is the right time to clear your wishlists!

List is in the image description, maybe I'll post a bit more about these than the last purchases.

Bandcamp are waiving their revenue share on all purchases again throughout tomorrow so if you wanted to buy some music and support the artists you like tomorrow's a really good day to do it :doge:

Hi everybody, I'm new to this instance. I listen to a lot of Crusty Hardcore, RABM, DSBM, Noisy Death Metal, Harshnoise, Power Violence, Power Electronics, etc.

Other interests are Mycology, Linux, Programming, Hacking, Electronics, Travelling, Anarchism, Vegan Activism, Vegan Food, etc.

Would love some recommendations of Metal/Punk accounts to follow. Thanks!

Nice to meet everybody over here.

passes on all fees today (CMT) in order to support struggling artists. Make sure to clear your wishlist today if you can.
Image shows my new music, everything from today except for the last item. :) Maybe I'll write about some of it.

impossible brutality von als handwasch-lyrics. finde ich ja nicht schlecht!

Never posted about , did I? Awesome raw black thrashing underground stuff. The "Nocturnal Ritual" EP is, despite the bad (not in a good way) sound, one of my alltime favs, especially the song Black Thrashing Metal:

Discovering new cool sounding bands only to find out they are nazi scum

just discovered a cool feature on #duckduckgo when I search for information about a metal band: Enter "!maband" followed by the band name. You will get the search result on Metal Archives right away.
#metalarchives #encyclopaediametallum #!bang #metal

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