Bandcamp is letting musicians keep 100% of sales on Firday to help support musicians during the COVID crisis, so if you were thinking about picking up one of our albums, now is the time! The first albumis "pay what you want"

This might be the first time in history a bass player has written a song and it hasn’t been put on the fridge or the trash.

Sticker idea: "CMK 2020: You Don't Vote for Kings"

From now until Dec 2, everything in our online store is 50% off! Save some money, beat the crowds, get that shirt you've always wanted, or get a gift for someone you know!

The federation continues, we've put all our music videos on PeerTube! We'll work on getting the rest of our music on federated audio platforms like Funkwhale as well.

Check it out, y'all! We're integrating away from traditional platforms even more. We've got a Liberapay now!

Hey guys, sorry I haven’t been on here much. There hasn’t been a lot to say, but I promise we’re still hard at work! In the meantime, share what you’re listening to this morning! I need some new music/podcasts. And on that note, any open-source apps for music/podcasts you recommend?

We're less than a week out from our show with Forever Starts Today, which will also be our final show with Jerremy and Jordan, and we can't think of a better way to send them off! Tix are only $10, no fees, at!

We did a cool interview with The Devil's Mic last week where we revealed some secrets about our latest album! Check it out!

We have an awesome show coming up on September 1 with out amazingly talented friends in Forever Starts Today. It's the last day of their tour so come welcome them home! Tix:

Last night was incredible but the hype train isn’t slowing down any time soon. We’re playing a free metal show at Dirty Dog Bar on the 26th, so come on out to hear some of our hardest hitting songs!

📷 Sarah Peterson

Abandon hope ye who enter here,
The world is filled with all of your deepest fears,
Keep focused with your eyes on the flowers,
And don’t think about the gun that’s pressed to your skull
📷 Jesse Guzman

ICYMI: We'll be celebrating our drummiest of drummers' on July 9th at Come and Take It Live alongside Divided Minds, Sincerely, Me, Telltale, and Pala. Tix are available now at

Photo: OCD Productions.

Last night was awesome, thank you everyone who came out! Let’s do it again on July 9, same place!
📷 Sarah Peterson

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