So this will be the pattern to practice economy picking... 🎸

Vinter yeah. Vet ikke hvordan jeg burde kommentere denne stemningen. Eller å bestemme om det er nødvendig å komme med kommentarer || beskrivelser? Ehhh. Bare vinter. Yeah.

Another good parody. I really wonder how I am able to find such fun when browsing forgotten places online.
May I present the perfect parody of all the Troo Kvlt Brekk Metall stereotypes we all have gotten tired of through the times? Ruumiinvittu! Too bad they seem to have had only one song.

Finally! My dumb, egoistic and absolutely unmodern website has gone through some revamp, yeah.
Den norske versjonen er
while the English is
Kunne neppe være mer gammeldags!
Link exchange, anyone?

Jeg er en gudløs hedning, men har ingenting imot en fredelig julaften med 666 forskjellige typer julekaker! Vi allerede har krydderkake, mandel/aprikosekake uten baking, shortbread, småkaker med vaniljesmak og sjokoladebiter, en stor porsjon med peppernøtter... Stollen må dere dessverre vente litt på!
Har faktisk 5 flasker med vin og en med champagne, men drikker bare Yorkshire té ved øyeblikket.

Have found an old - let me say _vintage_ - jewel. A site for so-called "goths".
It really met my sense of humour, especially because I have been mistaken for a quite a few times. No, I am not one. Darkly inclined enough to meet most of the , yes, but I have another kind of attitude about music, socializing, interests - on the top of all, I have a very moderate interest in fashion. Even if it's anti-trendy fashion.

Damned tired.
This weather is disappointing.
We have pouring rain and pluss °C-grades.
It does not even tempt us to continue with the cheap joke: "is this really Trondheim, or have we been teleported to some place in Great Britain?"
Would love to make Eric Adams stand on the roof of this house and sing with enthusiasm "Viking ships cross the sea in cold wind and rain, sail into the black of night..." - because it IS black. At least, we still have Northern Darkness (tm).

Rengjøring. Blæææææhhhh. Hater husarbeid - jeg tror ikke at det eksisterer mennesker som liker å gjøre det, faktisk - men uansett hvordan kjedelig det er, jeg synes at å eksistere i et skittent miljø er bare ekkelt. Støvsuging og vasking er langt mindre ekkelt enn det.
Men, det vil ikke si at jeg trives. Snart ferdig med støvsugingen, blæhhhh.

Self-proclaimed tech gurus tend to not mention the real good stuff. Why would they mention Mastodon with its many instances?
I remember the same kind of tech gurus predicted the death of IRC when these popular messenger services - MSN, AIM and Yahoo - were in. Now these messengers are all down, but some of us are still hanging out on IRC. Because there are still many enthusiasts who run IRC servers. I am very thankful.

Installing an adblocker is the gateway drug into anti-consumerism, which is in turn the gateway drug into anti-capitalism.

Tell all your friends how to install adblockers.

@lydschi Political stuff is really not my thing, but this is so true - the joke is that it's not a joke at all.

Not even a mention of mastodon or the fediverse in this article, anywhere.

A reminder that if you migrate to a non-federated social network, you're not actually solving the problem, just encountering it in a new space.

Location: Where Cold Winds Blow.
(I Was Laid To Rest... I Cannot Reach My Rusty Weapons)
Very Darkthrone-like atmosphere here.

The winds blowing here are really cold. They blow the snow away. Very poetical, indeed. They will probably find us a few hundred or thousand years later, frozen hard, perfectly intact.
Archaeologists will surely have some interesting stuff to wonder about! (Unsure if they'll dare to thaw us, though.)

I made this some time ago, and I don't think I ever did anything sillier than this in my whole life.
(If you don't get it, you might look up "i have no personality starter kit" on your fave search engine.)
I haven't got any personality and proud of it, which makes it even sadder.

Gratulerer med dagen, Engel!
25 år gammel for evig tid.
(Denne hysteriske fangirl'en her kobler nå fra og tar opp gitaren, for å unngå å irritere folk med sin fanatisme.)

@metalbass Hehe, sounds like a really good combination. Thank you so much.

@SunDancer Thank you! So good to see there does exist an instance like this.

Have never been on a metally inclined Mastodon instance before. I am really curious what life is like here
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