Currently, I am investigating in tools or a tool chain for distributed musicians.

Sound snippet for songs.
Sound snippet file hosting.
Discussion or direct messages.
Mulitiuser (~10)

Nice to have:
raw mix.

Not needed:
Concurrent live jamming is not needed.
Even when I like freedom, decentralized, encrypted, open source self hosting, all that is not a must.

To not bias the results, I don't like to share my ideas right now.

@tobomir ich hab mir gerade Bandlab angeschaut. Bin aber nicht sicher ob ich mich anmelden möchte.

@Cyia @tobomir yeah, Bandlab is an Option. I'm very curious for how they make money. But the product works well. Even on mobile.

@FrankyFire @tobomir den Gedanken hatte Ich auch^^ laut wikipedia finanziert bandlab industries ihre Marke bandlab über gewinne ihrer anderen Marken.

@Cyia @tobomir aber das kann ja nicht nachhaltig funktionieren. Entwicklung und Infrastruktur sind für sowas super teuer. Werbung ist bisher auch nicht enthalten.

Vielleicht wollen die sich auch als eine Art Label für jedermann etablieren. Jedenfalls bieten sie schon die Werkzeuge dafür an.

@tobomir soundslates could be an Option.
But AFAIK there is no 'real' DAW yet, that provides online collaboration. While this can be okay for electronic music, playing guitar (or any other instrument) into an online (Browser Based) DAW will give you a high latency. I can't recommend that, as long as you're not playing through a real amp and just put the mic signal in. Because DAW effects and software monitoring will always put you off (you don't want more than ~18ms of latency).

@tobomir But you don't have to use a real and loud amp. You can also use an Amp into an Attenuator (best with included IR-Loader), Preamp + IR-Loader or an multi-effects board and use hardware monitoring of your Audio interface. But that's expensive stuff.

In that case you can usually make latency adjustment that will fit your recording into place.

@tobomir Definitely not open/free/etc., but *maybe* the modern Pro Tools collaboration stuff works here? I haven't dug deep into it about how many users, etc. though:

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