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Headed to bed cause I have to be up early for an interview but here’s my contribution to the tech-loving,tinkering musicians of the Fediverse. Never found any good tutorials about MIDI triggering hardware, so I made one.

One of my favorite things about the fediverse is how I can openly hate on things like Google and Amazon and that’s just par for the course here. Thank y’all for sharing my brand of crazy.

spoilers, live tooting 

spoilers, live tooting 

spoilers, live tooting 

I'm watching the "Shut Up and Dance" episode of Black Mirror and I feel like this is the only one that won't scare me because I don't click shady links or let others use my computer and also I have tape on my webcam and whatnot.

That wasn't a challenge, in case anyone felt like it was. More just a sense of relief.

hot take about politics and "not being political" 



what did the marvel superhero say when they needed admin access?



"i am root"

Recording is physically painful. I literally only have like an hour’s worth to do and I will probably drag it out all week.

I think shitposting is the 2019 version of "*holds up spork*". We think it makes us random and interesting, and in ten years we're gonna look back at it and cringe.

I guess I’m streaming a recording process.

Wish my first drummer Bryan were still alive. He would’ve flipped shit (in a good way) at the new Killswitch Engage video. /silent reverie

Can anybody recommend me a FOSS voice memo app for iOS?

Things I never did learn how to do that I've meant to do for a decade now: play the guitar solo of "The Bird And The Worm" by Owl City. It's not hard, I just never did. Cause I suck.

I have the desire to burn the midnight oil but there is no work to be done :(

I may be a slight workaholic

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