So I’m watching that kids movie Smallfoot.

I’m not one of those people who sees an agenda in everything but I am definitely seeing some hardcore anti-religious rhetoric in this flick.

I would prefer this to be an opt-in/out choice at the user level if possible.

Closest thing I’ve had to a day off in weeks begins now. I’m gonna drink every beer in the house and order pizza.

The drunk girlfriend is now telling my cat that they’re soulmates because they’re both attention whores.

Me to my cat being held by my extremely drunk girlfriend: “Kili I’m sorry for unleashing this eldritch horror upon you.”

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I am so in love with life right now and happy to be alive.

My arms have become pure muscle and it feels so weird. I’ve never been a muscular guy before.

Only one week til I move and I’m finally getting excited about it.

Leela from Futurama is super kinky and no one can convince me otherwise. I have evidence from the show itself.

Showing my girlfriend the movie “Fanboys” for the first time and she’s absolutely loving it. She’s a keeper.

Lost my debit card. That’s gonna make this week very inconvenient.

So a termite walks into a bar and says “hey is the bar tender here?”

Country music is so problematic, I don’t even know where to begin.

My USB-C port died on me without warning and almost cost me my laptop. Mental note: Yubikeys are not great for laptops.

The hustle is exhausting but I know it’ll pay off down the road

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