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PSA: I am always open to having someone respectfully disagree with me on anything, even if you just randomly found my profile and want to comment on something in my bio or something old I posted. By respectful disagreement, I mean no trolling or name calling. I am 100% okay with someone going "hey, I think you're wrong about X, here's an article/post/book to check out about why." I am human. I am often wrong about stuff, and I want to learn and grow and do better. Thanks.

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Public PSA to anyone it may concern: if I’ve requested to follow you more than once, I promise I’m not being a stalker, I just have the memory of a goldfish with Alzheimer’s. Sorry for bugging you if I’ve done that.

Just announced: Star Wars 10: The Return of the Return of Palpatine and Skywalker with a CGI Hayden Christiansen and another shitty Death Star knockoff.

ppl in baltimore used the cover of fireworks last night to tear down one of the city's columbus statues and tossed it into the harbor and i'm vibing

It's time to dissolve the United States. Let the States become independent countries.

*Social Media*

Are we only engaged
If we are enraged?

Do we become less connected
If we do not feel rejected?

Do we just dislike as sappy
Those who just seem happy?

Must the social medium
Be full of angry tedium?

I vote to be convivial,
And offer something trivial.


The Force Awakens is just an uninspired ripoff of A New Hope. Don’t bother changing my mind, we all know it’s true.

Kanye West running for president with Elon Musk's endorsement just goes to show how little the elite think of the Working Class. It's just an ego-driven game of self-fellatio only for their benefit.

The rest of us don't matter.

#latestagecapitalism #oligarchy #plutocracy

Yes, I'm an adult, but am I a responsible adult?

transphobia, homophobia, conversion therapy 

I will never understand why “straight” people are so obsessed with other people’s genetalia and sexual proclivities.

nationalism vs patriotism 

@thsprsntdrknss maybe I’m brainwashed by capitalism or blinded by my privilege, but personally I feel patriotic about America in that sense. We are far from perfect and we need A LOT of overhaul, but we also have a lot of potential and we’re also far from the worst. I want to see us do better and succeed. But that starts by admitting we aren’t where we should be. We can and must do better.

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nationalism vs patriotism 

@thsprsntdrknss on that note, time for my periodic reminder on my opinions of nationalism vs patriotism. Nationalism is bad. Nationalism says “we are the best, the state is god, and to suggest otherwise is heresy and treason.” Patriotism says “we may not be the best, but I want us to be better and I believe in our potential.”

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Fun fact: wearing the American flag is technically illegal. Remember that when you see nationalists wearing it this weekend as clothing.

A thought for the poor workers tasked with turning every minor event on the official calendar of holidays into a sales opportunity worthy of an emailed marketing pitch: your job sucks hard.

military uspol 

As a veteran myself I don’t like the military and I would LOVE to see the military vastly defunded and reorganized. Having said that, the vast majority of “the troops” are just kids who got suckered in with lies and good PR. So if while I am all for “fuck the military” and “fuck the military industrial complex” posts, if you’re saying “fuck the troops as people” you’re probably a hypocrite. Just food for thought.

Nobody knows me better than Google.
Nothing new but worth remembering every day.


uspol, 4th of July 

I don't know that I'm necessarily in the "death to America" camp, maybe more the "America needs a severe beating that lands it in a coma for a few days or weeks where upon waking America realizes it's been super shitty and changes its ways." I think that'd be cool.

At some point every single person must decide whether or not they will hurt people because they've been hurt, or if they will help people so no one has to feel like they did. The latter are humans, the former are scum.

love talking about doing stuff, hate actually doing it

The web: "Looks like you're using an ad blocker"

Me: "Looks like I will be closing this tab without even attempting to read your content"

Remember that time I wrote a song about how greed is bad and valuing profits more than human life is super fucked up? Yeah. Garrett was easily the best part of that song.

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