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Public PSA to anyone it may concern: if I’ve requested to follow you more than once, I promise I’m not being a stalker, I just have the memory of a goldfish with Alzheimer’s. Sorry for bugging you if I’ve done that.

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I'm not normally the type to ask for money, but my girlfriend suffers from painful gallstones and it turns out the surgery is insanely more expensive than we expected (like 3 times as much). We are adjusting our budget to save up, if but if you're willing and/or able to help speed that process along it would be immensely appreciated.

You can also donate to my Liberapay and I promise to set those funds aside for her.

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Sci-fi trope I've been seeing a lot lately: the whole "host takes over one person at a time and slowly invades the whole town" thing.

It's very counter-intuitive that in America, you are guaranteed a right to peacefully protest by the Constitution, but you need a permit first. That's classic control, and it's a classic example of the government selling you back your rights.

Figured out how to make changes to my disposable VM’s default Firefox so now I can use DDG and UBlock by default. Dope.

I always forget how cancerously infuriating Reddit is, then I’m on it for like, a minute and I remember. I need a shower. In bleach.

Apparently all the shows I've been jamming lately harp pretty hard on the multiverse thing. Synchronicity?

@thsprsntdrknss on the other hand, all the money in the world, depending on how you define money, equals $1trillion. Divided by 8 billion people, that’s $125,000 per person.

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Just did the math. If Trump’s estimated net worth was redistributed to every American, each person would get just over $10.

Pretty stoked to work from home tomorrow. Gonna wake up late, drink cold brew all day, take my time making breakfast, and write a master class on network infrastructure for churches.

@write_as my girlfriend has expressed interest in leaving Tumblr but she relies on the reblog + comment feature that Tumblr provides. Any plans to add any sort of similar feature in the future?

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I’m so ugly Clearview is removing me from their database.

I’m so ugly the NSA is deleting all their pictures of me from their records.

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Can someone please turn this simulation off and on again?

Or run a virus scan?

PSA to people who use their car's stereo to take phone calls: we can hear you very clearly.

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