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For September, I did a cover of "Happy Now" by Zedd & Elley Duhe. I didn't do it justice, but it's just a song I really like that hit home for me so I wanted to do it anyways. Next month will be back to the usual metalcore. As usual, if you like my work, feel free to support me @

I thought the plot of Atlas Shrugged was dumb and far-fetched but I just watched someone on Reddit claim a burger joint deserved to stay in business after 80 years despite admittedly mediocre burgers because nostalgia. I guess the free market is whack or some shit. Hope that person remembers that next time they go to Walmart.

So I've always had this thought experiment. Suppose I wake up and it's ten years ago but I still have my memories and I have to convince everyone around me that I"m not batshit crazy and I legit know the future. How would I do that?

I just asked my mom and she's playing along. I love this woman.

Guys, I am so incredibly happy right now. I'm watching Edge of Tomorrow, which is a fantastic blend of sci-fi and blockbuster. My girlfriend is sleeping comfortably on the couch after a well deserved day off. The cats are sleeping, the windows are open because it's FINALLY cool enough to do that around here. And I have my favorite beer. If there's a Haven, it's made of moments like these.

The “home improvement” subreddit be like “my contractor said this job would be 2 weeks and $3,000. It’s been six years and $1.2 million. Am I being taken advantage of?”

My girlfriend just told me about Trump’s letter to Erdogan and honestly the most surprising part is that it wasn’t written in crayon.

Just heard a kindergarten teacher tell her students “if someone is talking point at them.” Like I get it, but also god damn chill the fuck out Orwell.

The day is not complete in the privacy community until someone calls you a shill.

Best thing I’ve heard all day already was my boss commiserating about what a pain in the ass HDCP is: “Pirate Bay isn’t HDCP-compliant.”

Unrelated: does anyone know anything about flashing a new software onto a Roku TV? I’m tired of it spying on me. I want to put a new OS on it but still stream shit.

I’m constantly floored that the privacy subreddit considers ProtonMail to be “too expensive” at €4/month but Tutanota is tolerable at €1.20. It’s not like your mom is charging you rent for the basement, you neckbeards.

I just alone in a diner for 3.5 hours and not a single sinister persona sat down at my booth to threaten me. Step it up, NSA!

After spending 60 pretentious hours trudging my way through the monstrosity that is Atlas Shrugged, I then burned my way through Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep in a day. What is this fuckery?

NBA: *takes a knee to peacefully protest racial issues in the US*


NBA: *remains silent on China issue*


How many more days til the hypocritical, deranged, senile lunatic is out of office again? I would call him bipolar but honestly that's an insult to mentally ill people.

I survived Atlas Shrugged. Man they really fucked Eddie Willers though. What’s sad is I kind of new they would.

So I got all dolled up to go to a party and turns out it got cancelled and nobody told me cause I don’t Facebook. Feeling a little alienated tonight cause of my anti-surveillance lifestyle. Fuck me, right?

Imma run for President so I can sell copies of my new book.

First I gotta write a book. Brb.

FBI: “we need a backdoor into Facebook’s encryption because it’s enabling pedophiles and we need to stop them!”

Also FBI:

Media: “Trump literally could not break the law more more.”

Politicians: “we need to ban vaping and create encryption backdoors.”

General public: “it’s spooktober!”

Let the court of public opinion show that I was the lesser of two assholes. The defense rests.

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