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PSA: I am always open to having someone respectfully disagree with me on anything, even if you just randomly found my profile and want to comment on something in my bio or something old I posted. By respectful disagreement, I mean no trolling or name calling. I am 100% okay with someone going "hey, I think you're wrong about X, here's an article/post/book to check out about why." I am human. I am often wrong about stuff, and I want to learn and grow and do better. Thanks.

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Public PSA to anyone it may concern: if I’ve requested to follow you more than once, I promise I’m not being a stalker, I just have the memory of a goldfish with Alzheimer’s. Sorry for bugging you if I’ve done that.

uspol, TikTok 

Hey Trump, thanks for making my gf pick between an app that makes her happy and her digital security. Hope that xenophobic dick-measuring contest works out for you. Never mind China hacking us like crazy. 🖕

Inside you there are three wolves.

You probably shouldn't have swallowed that T-shirt.

current incompetence levels are 71%

(71%) ■■■■■■■□□□

Me watching Person of Interest: “OMG its a guy in a ski mask! Get him, Jesus!”

Today is me and the gf’s two year anniversary. Can’t believe she hasn’t smothered me in my sleep with a pillow yet


This is the kind of shit Republicans bitch about left-leaning people for. Don’t film in China? Whitewashing. Film in China? Supporting human rights abuses. Disney literally could not have won here.

I finished writing my book today. If anybody is interested in being an alpha reader or sensitivity reader, I am accepting volunteers. Genre is sci-fi/tech-thriller. Thanks

Make sure you strip the fbclid out of any link you share! Practice hygienic surfing!

Person of Interest, S1E04 

Not to preach the woes of mass surveillance but I think I would enjoy this show a lot more if they explained just a little more of their methodology. Sorta like Mr Robot. Not too much, just enough.

Sung to the tune of Cee Lo Green’s “Fuck You” 

🎵Fuck Zoom

Dealing with credit agencies is a lot like punching yourself in the dick over and over with a brick.

@thsprsntdrknss I just realized that includes all my guitarpro files. I don’t know how to play any of my existing material

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Welp. I nuked all my project files. So the lesson here is to keep backups of backups

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