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Wow, did you know that #nextcloud has a dark theme? It's somewhat hidden in the Accessibility options.

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πŸ“£ Just published: reflow, a #golang package that lets you word-wrap strings or entire blocks of text.

It conveniently follows the io.Writer / io.WriteCloser interface and supports ANSI escape sequences. This means you can style your terminal output without it affecting the word-wrapping algorithm!

I'd be interested in even cheaper, smaller LoRa boards, compatible with an Arduino Nano or something similar.

My goal is to make this as cheap and small as possible. πŸ€”

... so I can throw LoRa sensors anywhere ...

Next steps in my LoRa project:

* Document stuff on my blog
* Implement temperature / humidity sensor
* Implement Prometheus / Grafana backend.

Looks like I was celebrating my success too early.

It turned out that my Lora device kept sending OTA activation messages but obviously that did not succeed and no payload was sent.

I changed the activation method from OTA to ABP and now I'm also getting regular uplink messages :-)

There have been some pitfalls until now ... I guess I'll make a blog post on that.


Endianness is a thing. Watch out. Got my app EUI and device EUI wrong 😣


oh, maybe I should RTFM. Just noticed that I didn't think about some of the settings beforehand. Need to re-check my code 😊

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