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Nginx is pronounced:

Release of Profanity 0.7.0

"The biggest change in this release is support for OMEMO encryption."

Profanity is a command line XMPP client.

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Kann mir jemand zufällig einen guten #Router empfehlen, den man aktuell kaufen kann und der #OpenWRT fähig ist?


Play all the Gojira songs!


Pardon the service interruptions. I was optimizing the hypervisor and needed to restart some VMs ;-)

Most of my Debian Stretch servers are now upgraded to Debian Buster 🙂

It worked like a charm on most machines. I had to take manual action just twice, when there were problems with PostgreSQL (ver. 9.6 => 11) and zfs-dkms.

VPN Kram für Anoxinon :Anoxinon: gefrickelt ✅


Sometimes I do stupid things. Like overprovisioning my host's CPUs by creating an 16 vCore VM on a 2x8 cores host.

Just because you have two CPU sockets doesn't mean you should use them both for a single VM. Doing that means more complex memory sharing during CPU operations, which creates a significant performance penalty.

Now with only 8 cores attached, my Nextcloud VM runs faster than with 16 vCores. 🙂

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It's so awesome to see the bars of Mastodon polls move "live" as users vote :D

Are you using / have you used Mastodon's "list" feature?

Just found out about the "Follows and followers" section and removed 6 pages of inactive users that I've been following.

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Einfach, weil es bei mir gerade Thema ist und Aufmerksamkeit darauf bringt: Checkt einfach mal, wie viel teurer Ökostrom für euch wäre, wenn ihr noch keinen habt und ob ihr euch das leisten könnt/wollt.

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