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@niba Connectivity issues, even with TURN server. No audio, no video, loss of connection... Everything you can imagine ;)

@nipos hmm, das weiß ich nicht. Kann sein, dass das erst später nachgereicht wurde. Ich habe es jetzt zum ersten Mal gesehen. Kann aber auch daran liegen, dass ich gerade einen günstigen Zeitpunkt erwischt habe, sodass die Leute gleich ihre Stimmen abgegeben haben, als das Ding noch auf meinem Bildschirm war.

It's so awesome to see the bars of Mastodon polls move "live" as users vote :D

Are you using / have you used Mastodon's "list" feature?

Just found out about the "Follows and followers" section and removed 6 pages of inactive users that I've been following.

@thsprsntdrknss would have been worth a try. I didn't remember it has video calls 🙂

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Einfach, weil es bei mir gerade Thema ist und Aufmerksamkeit darauf bringt: Checkt einfach mal, wie viel teurer Ökostrom für euch wäre, wenn ihr noch keinen habt und ob ihr euch das leisten könnt/wollt.

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Busy week for the #LXD team with the addition of MAC & VLAN filtering for SR-IOV, reworked DHCP lease management, improvements to system call interception and the preparation and release of LXC, LXCFS and LXD 3.0.4!

@SunDancer ahaa, der Cache meines Backup-Tools ist über die Zeit explodiert und hatte mittlerweile 10 GB. Der Speicher ist knapp geworden und Nginx konnte keinen Cache mehr für den Upload reservieren.

Sollte nun endgültig nicht mehr vorkommen :-)

@SunDancer gut wissen! Schlecht dass das immer noch passiert. :-/

Now, that I got some experience using video call software for calls from Germany to Vietnam:

Wire: Can't recommend. It works fine in Germany / Europa and probably for the USA. But connections to Vietnam get lost a lot and are distorted.

Nextcloud Talk: Forget it.

Jitsi Meet for Android: Works quite well with minor connectivity issues, but smartphone gets hot, drains battery quickly.

The Open Source solution that I was looking for: Not existent.

@stevenroose by the way: As far as I know Mastodon does do language recognition for every post. The meta field is automatically filled.

But it does language filtering just in the federated timeline, not in the home timeline. That is why you see my german posts, even if you didn't choose that language in your language settings.

I guess the only thing missing here is applying the existing filter on the home timeline, too. 🤔

@fedilab @mastalab

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I am $25/mo of donations or sourcehut subscriptions away from breaking even on free software 🎉


I started "hastagging" my posts with "german". In the Mastodon Web UI you can filter posts with certain words. That would make it work.

But I'm not sure about all the 3rd party Mastodon apps, because I use the official web UI only.

@fedilab @mastalab

@stevenroose oh, of course. Sometimes I forget that I have English speaking followers :S

I'll try to tag my posts from now on.

@fedilab @mastalab

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