I was thinking about installing the Debian "ffmpeg" package to my Nextcloud server to get video thumbnails.

Then realized this would end up in 149 additional packages being installed on my system. Most of them not relevant to video thumbnail generation at all (X libraries, DRM libs, ...)

WTF. I just want thumbnails. Not an entire X Window system.


Activated zram on one of my LXD hosts. Let's see if it helps to save some RAM ... 🤔

Security advisory regarding Prosody-Filer (XMPP server upload server):


Please update to version 1.0.1 as son as possible!

Previous versions are affected by a bug that can lead to information leak and expose a list of previous uploaded files of any user.

Consider installing this if you are running an encrypted server system:


... or if you are somewhere else with your brain most of the time... :P

Okay, mein Mastodon ZFS macht irgendwelche txg_sync Dinge 🤔

Mal beobachten.

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