Ich schaue gerade:

Iron Maiden: Flight 666 - The Concert - Programm in voller Länge | ARTE Concert - arte.tv/de/videos/109266-000-A

One of my favorites from Amorphis. Sounds like the start of a adventure journey!


... And dark at the same time 😎

Short reminder that @mariusor had created a Metal Release Bot. Follow @releasebot to stay tuned!

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Ich bleibe dabei: Spiritual Migration ist das beste Album, das Persefone jemals hervorgebracht haben. Dicht gefolgt vom neuen "Metanoia"!

Hehe. Kollege war so nett und hat die "VOLA - Live from the Pool" Blu-Ray für meinen Disc-losen Haushalt kompatibel gemacht. 🤘

Das wird heute Abend noch geschaut 😍

Nailed to Obscurity erinnern mich manchmal stark an Insomnium - und das ist was gutes!

Besonders deutlich wird es zum Beispiel hier ab 3:40:

Memento: open.spotify.com/track/1Oa95ci

... Und dennoch sind sie nicht Insomnium, sondern etwas eigenes. 👍

Short glimpse of the admin dashboard. The statistics do not yet reflect the whole month, yet (because they're just recently been activated), but I like how our instance has grown in the last couple of weeks :)

Just looked at the album cover of "VOLA - Live from the pool" and noticed that one pool with the plants in ground and walls.

Second thought: "I know that pool! Isn't it the one from The Rain (series)? "

Naturlejren, en immersion dans l'univers de The Rain 3 — Scandinavia Dreaming scandinaviadreaming.com/naturl

Yes, it is!


As you might know, you need to provide some words on "why do you want to join metalhead.club?" when registering.

It's really nice to read all those enthusiastic and funny reasonings. Maybe I'll pick some of them and post them here later ;)

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