Lange nicht gehört, aber W.A.S.P. taugen mir gerade richtig gut. 😎

Höre gerade das neue Album "Of Truth and Sacrifice" von Heaven Shall Burn

Und finde es klasse! 🤘 😎

Septicflesh - Portrait of a Headless Man

I've seen this band first at the Summer Breeze Festival in 2014. I was waiting for another band and went to the stage where Septicflesh were having their gig at this time. Since then I've enjoyed their evil, orchestral sound very much!

I still remember when "Long Distance Calling" played their song "Black Paper Planes" at the Summer Breeze Festival in 2017.

There was so much magic in the air. Everyone was just concentrated on their music and was banging their heads along slowly.

Andromida - Fortitude

Here it is! The dramatic, heavy Andromida sound that makes me bang my head immediately 🤘 😎

Ethanoldampf und Opeth im Keller. Mein Dad wäscht seine Schallplatten im Keller.

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