Removed 33.6 GB of Mastodon "preview cards". 😓

Watch out if you're running the latest version of Mastodon on a Debian Stretch Server!

The latest version of Sidekiq seems to require at least Redis 4.0.0 which is not included in Debian Stretch. You can get it from the stretch-backports repo.

Performance impact is okay to me. I just hope that other instance admins don't get mad at me for lots of federated delete calls ... 🤔

The new settings are not final, yet. Need to think about the rate limits a little more.

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I'm planning to reconfigure and enable more frequent API calls, so MastoPurge can work quicker.

As I'm the author of the tool, I should at least make it work great on my own instance, right? ;-)

Finally overcame my lazyness and merged the fix for false error messages into a new MastoPurge release:


Deleted 3,000 toots over the past 3 days using MastoPurge.[1]

It takes quite some time to delete such amounts of toots, because the Mastodon API is very rate limited.


My favorite service to host is .

It‘s high quality all around: The frontend is nice and easy to use, it has all the features I expect and setup + maintenance are uncomplicated. I’ve never run in major trouble in more than 2 years of hosting my instance.

Kudos to @Gargron and all the other developers! 👏

\m/ \m/ is a Mastodon instance hosted in Germany and powered by 100% green energy.