My favorite service to host is .

It‘s high quality all around: The frontend is nice and easy to use, it has all the features I expect and setup + maintenance are uncomplicated. I’ve never run in major trouble in more than 2 years of hosting my instance.

Kudos to @Gargron and all the other developers! 👏

lightning-fast pay-what-you-can media storage for Fediverse instances

Thx to @nipos for the hint!

It seems that Wasabi is cheap, but unreliable. 🤔

The "Trending Hashtags" feature is very slow on right now. I'm working on performance improvements.

Just moved my Mastodon instance to another storage pool with minimal downtime, thanks to ZFS and its incremental FS copies! \o/

This blog post is about moving to another server, but it is also applicable here ;-)

Moving 150 GB to another storage pool...

It's so awesome to see the bars of Mastodon polls move "live" as users vote :D is running 2.9.1 now. 🎉

Show the list of muted/blocked users/instances by the instance in about/more

I want this so bad 😣

It would be nice to have the single column mode on one device and the "advanced" mode on others. Depending on the screen resolution / manual preference. 🤔 is now running 2.9.0 🎉

Check out the new single column mode in your profile settings. New users will have this mode activated by default. Existing users need to uncheck the "Advanced web interface" option in their profile settings.

Have fun with the new version!

Every day ~ 4,000 cached media attachments are deleted from ( ~1.3 GB)

Show the list of muted/blocked users/instances by the instance in about/more · Issue #3874 · tootsuite/mastodon · GitHub -

I would really appreciate it if it was in the next Mastodon version 🙂

Re-indexing the Mastodon database for Elastissearch. This will take forever.

(single threaded)

Oh, another nice feature from the release notes - now there's:

tootctl self-destruct


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