Okay, raise your hand, if you're an embedded Linux developer and are sometimes typing "toyboy" instead of "toybox" (Just like me)!

(Which, I guess, is more likely if you own QWERTZ keyboard 🤔)

❤️ bmaptool

So freakin' fast! Use this if you need to flash embedded Linux to SD cards on a regular basis. e.g. Yocto will automatically create you .wic and .wic.bmap files :)


Hmm even Fedora 34 is not shipping Nextcloud Client 3.2.

Okay, then let's do the package build procedure for Fedora 34, again ;)

Running Fedora 34. Upgrade without any issues, except for one: I cannot run gnome-terminal in Sway, anymore. Maybe just a little issue, but I switched to Foot Terminal emulator, anyway.. Sooo... :)

Just tried the "Foot" Terminal Emulator for Wayland by @dnkl and I really like it! 🤘

dnkl/foot: A fast, lightweight and minimalistic Wayland terminal emulator - foot - Codeberg.org - codeberg.org/dnkl/foot

Girlfriend just sent me a picture of a movie she's watching: "Look, I'm watching a hacker movie!"

Me: "Looks familiar!" *searches interwebz*
"Okay, this is actually Linux source code 🤣. Seems to be quite authentic"

Embedded Linux von ner Automotive QA abnehmen lassen, die aus der Microcontroller / Classic Autosar Welt kommt, ist volle Katastrophe.

Ich schreib' doch kein Detailed Design für den Linux Kernel oder irgendwelche Busybox-Anteile und schreibe Unit-Tests dafür >_<

Kann ja verstehen, was die wollen, aber es ist schlicht unmöglich, dieselben Prinzipien auf "off the shelf" OSS anzuwenden, die ich nicht selbst geschrieben habe ...

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