Ah btw: The issues with Tmate on Fedora :fedora: are fixed :-)

There was a library compatibility issue some weeks ago, if I remember correctly.

For those who don't k now tmate.io ... it's a great tool for sharing your command line :-)

Docker in LXD in Snap in a KVM VM on a physical host.

Can you beat it?

Most of my Debian Stretch servers are now upgraded to Debian Buster 🙂

It worked like a charm on most machines. I had to take manual action just twice, when there were problems with PostgreSQL (ver. 9.6 => 11) and zfs-dkms.

Sometimes I do stupid things. Like overprovisioning my host's CPUs by creating an 16 vCore VM on a 2x8 cores host.

Just because you have two CPU sockets doesn't mean you should use them both for a single VM. Doing that means more complex memory sharing during CPU operations, which creates a significant performance penalty.


Now with only 8 cores attached, my Nextcloud VM runs faster than with 16 vCores. 🙂

Replaced postfix by msmtp-mta on various hosts.

Postfix seemed to be overpowered for sending system/cron emails only.

I would really like to use the CSS color schema media query to implement a dark mode for my blog.


Unfortunately it does not seem to work on my system. GTK dark mode is activated, Firefox dark theme is activated... still the media query does not work.

Is it a general issue on Linux? or is it Wayland?

regarding Wayland / Sway ... it should work: github.com/swaywm/sway/wiki/GT

Fail2ban 0.10 unterstützt IPv6


Hab das damals gar nicht mitbekommen. Man kann sich 0.10 aus den Debian backportsziehen ... oder noch auf das neue Debian 10 warten ;-) Das kommt ja auch im Juli.

Oh man. Schon wieder so spät. Die Zeit vergeht so schnell, wenn man Serverkram für Anoxinon e.V. :Anoxinon: erledigt ;-)

Hey Linux sysadmins, I have another blog post for you 🙂

LXD: Prefer IPv6 addresses for outgoing connections


It took me some time to find the cause, but I'm even happier now!

Fedora 30 glänzt mit schickem Start und Performance-Verbesserungen | c't Magazin - heise.de/ct/artikel/Fedora-30-

Ich denke, Fedora 30 wird nach ca 3 Jahren mal wieder eine frische Installation. Im Prinzip funktioniert mein Rechner prima, nur eine Sache gibt es: Ärger mit dem Standby. Mit dem Button klappt es gar nicht (er geht dann nur so halb in den Standby) und Zuklappen geht.

Irgendwas ist da am Powermanagement von mir "kaputt gebastelt" und ich bin nicht sicher, was.

Working on a Fedora COPR Repo for Sway.

There's already repositories for that, but I'd like to have one for the current Beta version. And of course, I'd like to learn and practice how that works.

Hat hier jemand Lust, einen meiner Kunden zu übernehmen? Es geht vor allem um die Wartung von Nextcloud und Mailcow.

Beides mit Docker. Es handelt sich um einen Businesskunden.

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