Started writing a blog post about IPv6. Especially on the topics "misconceptions" and "What can IPv6 do for you?".

Hope it will help people to understand that we need / want the new IP protocol and adopt it as quick as possible.

Also sad: The internet is full of articles on how to disable . Just a few articles are about disabling 馃

Why on earth would you disable IPv6?

it is trivial to remove kernel support for , but it is not possible to remove and keep the network stack.


Manchmal frage ich mich, ob mein IPv6-Wahn berechtigt ist, oder schon religi枚s motiviert.

Currently only about 10 % of the traffic to / from my main server is IPv6 traffic.

I'm not sure, but maybe that is because a significant amount of Mastodon servers do not speak IPv6? :-(

... Because (at least in Germany) we have a much higher percentage of IPv6 enabled clients. So I guess it's the servers' (server-to-server traffic) fault. 馃

Oh nice, the spammers who are creating accounts on, are using IPv6 enabled connections :-)

Wondered why Firefox with "SixOrNot" addon always showed v4 only connections to some of my own web sites. v6 connectivity was totally fine ... first thought this would somehow be related, but then checked /etc/hosts ...

... and realized that I had configured v4 addresses for testing purposes a while ago. 馃槼


Some facts from the Ripe NNC Germany Country Report

- Daimer (a car manufacturer) holds 16,777,216 IPv4 addresses that were not provided by the RIPE NNC O_o

- 86 % of 1&1 - Versatel customers have IPv6 available (top rate).

- Only 70 % of Telekom (biggest provider in Germany) customers are capable of using IPv6

- All in all, abut 41 % of internet users in Germany are capable of using IPv6 based connections.

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