Seems like Anguilla's part of the internet consists only of porn websites, but hey - at least 172 of the 172 top website are IPv6 enabled! Congrats! :D

Aaaw die neue Opnsense Firewall schnurrt vor sich hin und geht wunderbar. IPv6 läuft wieder stabil.

Danke @diekuh für den dringenden Vorschlag :D

Conversations prefers IPv4 over v6. That's why the percentage of v6 connections to my servers is lower than expected.

Although I understand the intention of the head developer, I'm not sure if it is the right strategy to "silently ignore" non-working IPv6. I think it's a better approach to try IPv6 first and fail (or have a delay) than to have broken v6 and nobody noticing it 🤔

My firewall does sometimes lose IPv6 connectivity to the hoster's upstream router. After "systemctl restar tnetwork" (or a reboot) the connection is fine, again.

I guess it has something to do with neighbor discovery. But not sure what's going wrong :(

The issue does occur without any pattern (or at least I haven't found any). Worked well for a couple of months, but today it has already lost connectivity twice.

Any idea what the cause could be?

It seems to be completely random.

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