Aphrodisierende Pumpernickel oder was?

... Marketing, ey. Aber hat funktioniert. Ist aufgefallen. πŸ™„

"Why paint the whole rocket? Let's save some weight!"

So, seriously, what is that shadow pattern? :thaenkin:

MastoPurge 1.2.0 is here! πŸŽ‰

After a long time I finally reserved some time for PR merging and testing and managed to create release 1.2.0 :-)

... with the following new features:
* Pinned posts are not deleted
* Non-interactive mode available for automation
* Dry-run mode available


"Camera notch" πŸ˜”

The cam is great btw. It's a Logitech C930e and it works great with Linux. My friends like the video quality very much and the sound quality seems to be okay.

Only the price is (to no one's surprise) too high :-/

Something broke Firefox's camera/microphone access indicator in my desktop environment.

Luckily there's a solution for that: reddit.com/r/swaywm/comments/k

Girlfriend just sent me a picture of a movie she's watching: "Look, I'm watching a hacker movie!"

Me: "Looks familiar!" *searches interwebz*
"Okay, this is actually Linux source code 🀣. Seems to be quite authentic"

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