My first time listening to "Six Degrees of Inner Turbulence" by Dream Theater

Other albums are to follow in the next couple of days ;)

*reads posts about Turris Omnia Router*

*remembers that thing.*

*expects that its price has dropped in the mean time*

*checks price*


Sometimes I do stupid things. Like overprovisioning my host's CPUs by creating an 16 vCore VM on a 2x8 cores host.

Just because you have two CPU sockets doesn't mean you should use them both for a single VM. Doing that means more complex memory sharing during CPU operations, which creates a significant performance penalty.

Now with only 8 cores attached, my Nextcloud VM runs faster than with 16 vCores. 🙂 is now running 2.9.0 🎉

Check out the new single column mode in your profile settings. New users will have this mode activated by default. Existing users need to uncheck the "Advanced web interface" option in their profile settings.

Have fun with the new version!

Ihr macht vllt Sachen mit meiner Infra. Stztzt.

Was soll denn das rumgestöpsel da in der Mitte?

Aber immerhin IPv6. Das ist ja schön.

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