Looks like I was celebrating my success too early.

It turned out that my Lora device kept sending OTA activation messages but obviously that did not succeed and no payload was sent.

I changed the activation method from OTA to ABP and now I'm also getting regular uplink messages :-)

There have been some pitfalls until now ... I guess I'll make a blog post on that.


Endianness is a thing. Watch out. Got my app EUI and device EUI wrong 😣


Finally I got my Visual Studio Code Arduino environment up and running (because the Arduino IDE is the worst I've ever seen).

Yesterday I tried to register my LoRaWAN shield with The Things Network, but I have not succeeded yet.

Let's see if I can get this working....

(This is my Arduino Uno with a Dragino Lora shield.)

Just hit the 20 GB Restic meta data / index cache threshold on one of my LXD hosts (which is running metalhead.club). Wow.

$ restic prune

will delete 37350 packs and rewrite 40301 packs, this frees 292.956 GiB


Once again, cleaning my smartphone's jacks turns out to prevent me from making bad decisions (like to task repair service, buy new HW). This time: USB-C jack.

This is the approx. amount of dust that I removed from the USB C connector. Now my charging cable does fit perfectly, again :)

I love the new Fedora Upgrade screen 😯 You get a nice, clean screen by default, but if you like to get more information on what's going on, just hit the ESC button :)

Der Blick aus einer Umkleidekabine im Passauer Erlebnisbad.

Ich habe meine Privatsphäre genossen.

Dieses hochmotivierte Gesicht sehe ich jeden Morgen, wenn ich mir am Automaten einen Kaffee hole.


Da guckt man kurz nicht hin, und schon wird einem vor der Haustür der Straßenbelag weggerissen. :(

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