Never forget to "prune" your repo ("restic prune" or "restic forget --prune") if you are running Restic.

"restic forget" alone will just delete references to backups, but will not actually remove data from your backup storage.

As you can see, I have 1.2 TB of useless data in my Hetzner Storage Box, and was already thinking about wasting money for even more storage. πŸ€”

Wer QualitΓ€t kauft, kauft Lichterketten mit GESCHLOSSENEM Stromkreis!11!

This is all the paperwork from my final two school years.

Raspberry for scale.

Okay, mein Mastodon ZFS macht irgendwelche txg_sync Dinge πŸ€”

Mal beobachten.

Redundancy restored βœ…

A week ago power supply 1 started bitchin' around. Today it was replaced by a new one.

Downtime: Zerrrrro. πŸ’ͺ

The trending hashtags on my instance have been frozen since a couple of weeks :(

Why is that ... seems like a technical issue ...

Das ist der Ausfall vom Freitag

Schnurrt da etwa ein Netzteil nicht mehr so richtig? πŸ€”

Finden wir es heraus ...

Looks like I was celebrating my success too early.

It turned out that my Lora device kept sending OTA activation messages but obviously that did not succeed and no payload was sent.

I changed the activation method from OTA to ABP and now I'm also getting regular uplink messages :-)

There have been some pitfalls until now ... I guess I'll make a blog post on that.

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