Do you use Mastodon's "Trends" feature?

I'm thinking about putting more effort into trends moderation. Which only makes sense if enough users actually have a look at the trends ;)

Btw I mean the "Explore" Tab in the Web UI :)

@thomas Do you mean this "In den Trends"-Hashtag-Thing?
I can see it on the web-version but I am wondering that the numbers are kinda small there?

@thomas I have literally no idea where to find it in the toot! app. Until I read your post I haven’t even mentioned that there is anything like trends in mastodon. Is this something I should consider looking at? I mean in Twitter I changed the trend location to Trinidad or something - just to keep my peace of mind (hard enough over there).

@thomas I need a "depends" box there. But I haven't minded them here when I've looked, if that helps? I like that I'm not bombarded with bad news on this platform.

@thomas that...I dunno what that is, but it sounds an awful lot like an algorithm, which....kinda creates the conditions I left the LAST place for. 😅

I like Fedi how it is now.

@thomas Yes, I'm using this one. Most of the time the Hashtag- and News-Tab on there to see whats going on and from time to time I check the other sections on there.

@thomas i do but my extremely rare usage does not justify any moderation effort.

@thomas Ich vermute nein, da ich die Funktion (noch?) nicht kenne. Irgendjemand hier, der auch Tusky nutzt und mir sagen kann wo es das dort gibt? :-)

@thomas Wait, was the poll intended for users only? I voted "no", if you need to subtract it.

@anton im generally interested :) It's not only for users.

@thomas I use Trends rarely (once a month, if that) so voted "I don't," but now I'm wondering if moderation or anything else might make me use it more. Hm.

@thomas I dont; but only because it's not super useful to me because people don't tag their toots; and people don't tag because no one uses trends.

It would be cool to see it be more useful.

@thomas I guess it’s a matter of preference, but personally I feel no need for that feature.

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