I've never seen so many Bluetooth devices. 😳
What are these "Miners-iB devices?

I've taken the screenshot at a local shopping mall.

@thomas klingt nach den iB Minern die mal durch die decke gingen weil die wohl 100$ am Tag machen.

Da will wohl jemand Strom sparen und hat die auf Arbeit aufgebaut und nicht zu Hause. 😂

@thomas this is why I love this greentooth app from fdroid, that automatically turns off my Bluetooth when I forget:)

@thomas Geräte zum loggen von Bewegungsprofilen? Nachdem ja "alle Welt" Bluetooth dauerhaft an hat, kann ein Supermarkt so prima sehen wo die Kunden verweilen. Vermute ich mal.

@thomas @necrosis the iB could mean iBeacon. Are the shopping carts “smart”, e.g. contain a ad-display or something? Then it’s for tracking where people go. The beacons themselves only shout their locations to the world. You would need a device to receive the locations for that to be usable though.

@thomas they might have some Bluetooth beacon-based location service. I noticed after I upgraded my phone to newest Android that some apps ask for permission to "discover nearby devices for enhanced location something".

@stevenroose oh, I haven't seen this notification before. (or maybe I ignored it :D.)

@thomas I think it's new in new Android, I got Android 12 now, not sure how versions work there..

@thomas people tend to forget their bluetooth is switched on

@ferds @thomas Surely if this were just a bunch of random people with Bluetooth on, their devices would all have different IDs?

@Rob_T_Firefly @ferds @thomas I'm gonna take a wild stab in the dark and say they are tracking people's devices as they walk around and collecting analytics

@Rob_T_Firefly @ferds @thomas ohh, someone in the German part of the thread suggested they were Helium (lorawan-based crypto currency project) nodes

@thomas could be there bluetooth connected speakers?

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