Green Mastodon Instances overview

I was not aware this list exists.

@thomas Glad to see a couple I am responsible for in there! Such infrastructural efforts and decisions can oft go unnoticed

This resource visualizes whether instances of federated software are running on renewable energy:

Possibly of special interest to #NZTwits, as there are a number of instances here ending in .nz. The location given in the table is only sometimes NZ, but I don't know where that data comes from. Nor do I know if that column is meant for the jurisdiction the site is operated under, or the country the site is served from.

#HatTip to @thomas for sharing the link


Of the fediverse instances listed there as located in Aotearoa, here's some that appear to be operative:

FYI I left out matrix servers, they're not accessible from the fediverse AFAIK (PeerTube - federated video) (Mastodon) (Mastodon) (only used by @andkiw) (Mastodon) (Mastodon) (Mobilizon - federated events)


Finally, another handful that use a .nz domain but are listed on the greenfediverse page as located outside Aotearoa: (Wordpress - federated via plugin, can be followed using @mackiwg ) (Pleroma) (Hubzilla)

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