"Aren't you müde from writing Rust programs in English? Do you like saying "scheiße" a lot? Would you like to try something different, in an exotic and funny-sounding language? Would you want to bring some German touch to your programs?

rost (German for Rust) is here to save your day, as it allows you to write Rust programs in German, using German keywords, German function names, German idioms."

GitHub - michidk/rost: Rust programming, in German.

@thomas "but why would you do dis? the French and Dutch can do it, so we can as well!" 😁

@thomas Also "asynchron" hätte man doch in "ungleichzeitig" übertragen können. Also nur so für den Lesefluss 🤪

@thomas Wow how did these Rust translations fall off my radar for non-english programming languages... Beautiful :')

@thomas Hat schon eins angefangen geh(da)lang zu schreiben?

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