Just tried the "Foot" Terminal Emulator for Wayland by @dnkl and I really like it! 🤘

dnkl/foot: A fast, lightweight and minimalistic Wayland terminal emulator - foot - -

@thomas @dnkl the best part is that it doesn't use Pango for rendering, so you can still use bitmap fonts with it.

@mariusor @thomas and I'll make sure it continues to support bitmap fonts until true HiDPI (not the measly 4K ones that we have now) are the norm... :)

@dnkl thank you for that. :)

It was a sad day when Pango dropped support.

@dnkl Holy shit, that was the next question I aked myself, how hard would it be to move away from Pango in sway.

Are the maintainers willing to accept a PR for that? o.O

@mariusor nope:

And I can understand that; if you want to go beyond the most basic use cases (e.g. support more than latin scripts), you don't have much choice.

@mariusor my last reply in the issue I linked is a bit outdated; my sway fork no longer uses cairo, but my own library fcft.

Not that that matters much to the end user... but still :)

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