Absolutely agree!

ISO 8601: the better date format -

I'm always using ISO 8601 to name directories after date, esp. archives.


I've always done this so filenames autosort and such. Just I don't use the internal hyphens so you can do a numeric sort, so, 20210226.

@thomas I prefer to use it when possible for date format for my code. Makes it easier

@thomas Good point and very concise explanation, even though there was quite a "retro" feeling to reading through this considering the page style (Comic Sans headlines, 1990s background patterns, ...). Feeling more nostalgic than enlightened now. 😉

@z428 @thomas

That standard is way richer than just the date format. I use it not only for computer-related stuff, but also for private purposes, like paper diary/notes, or meeting minutes as it allows to capture intervals, durations or week numbers. Also you can chose between more concise, or more readable forms.

What I wonder about is this: how come somebody “discovers” it only in 2021. Either the person is very young, or was living under a rock for the past 3-4 decades.

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