Has anybody of you tried the Restic REST server? It seems to be more performant than SFTP connections:

@thomas If so, please benchmark it. In my experience, sftp is much faster than http because of less overhead. Git Repos are noticecable faster by using git over ssh.

@bionade24 @thomas At least on slower hardware, the speed gain was considerable. I'm using it on my Synology DS115j for some months now which is powered by a Marvell Armada 370 CPU (ARMv7) with 800 MHz and 256 MB DDR3.

If you're interested, I'll try to find the time to do a quick comparison on the weekend.

@norb Ok, then I have to make my http criticism more specific:
A own protocol directly on TCP or UDP like th git protocol would gain more speed than with the big http overhead. Probably the IPC and the intergrated crypto ASICs in your old ARM processor are weak or nonexistent.

@bionade24 @thomas I did a quick comparison of writing data to my rather slow Synology:
SFTP: ~10 MiB/s
REST server: ~30 MiB/s

I don't know, if there is a noticable difference on faster hardware. At least for my use case it's the better choice.

@norb Probably because the HW has no dedicated encryption Modules. Do you encrypt your hard drives? This could be faster, but I don't unterstand why they accepted the http, they could have made something over plain TCP.

@bionade24 I don't know if fd0 implemented the REST backend himself or if someone had an itch and contributed it. The commits show, that he didn't start the server himself.

If this bugs you that bad, the devs seem to happily answer your questions:
> "If you would like to chat about restic, there is also the IRC channel #restic on Or just write an email :)"

From the interviews and talks I know, fd0 looks like he won't bite. 😉

@norb IMHO you need a base for a disicussion. I never thought about the crypto overhead of restic, but now I'm doing. When I have time or don't want to work on my projects I'll maybe try to write something without http and will see how it performs. Only then I really can criticize the current approach. At least I have to do a bit more of investigating instead of relying on my git protocol perfomance experieces.

@thomas why not just use rsync for backup? Have a look at rsnapshot - it's fast, easy and reliable.

@hirschnase I've considered different backup solutions in the past, but as I'm very happy with Restic since a few years , I'll stick to it. ;)

@thomas I just tested it one time but didn't really use it much. (i currently use minio as a storage backend instead - both are faster than sftp)

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