Some facts from the Ripe NNC Germany Country Report

- Daimer (a car manufacturer) holds 16,777,216 IPv4 addresses that were not provided by the RIPE NNC O_o

- 86 % of 1&1 - Versatel customers have IPv6 available (top rate).

- Only 70 % of Telekom (biggest provider in Germany) customers are capable of using IPv6

- All in all, abut 41 % of internet users in Germany are capable of using IPv6 based connections.

@thomas sounds like they have each of their computers in the public internet :thonking:

@bionade24 That sounds so stupid that it seems plausible.

What could go wrong with every car of a specific manufacturer in the public internet?

*shodaning intensifies*

@lerk It was plausible to me because I once heard from a former Customer Supporter what "normal" issues in Mercedes' Software are like. Makes me want to drive only cars with open firmware.

@thomas Daimler's allocation is from the very early days of the internet. I think they took control of it when merging with an old US manufacturer.

Back then, you could get a /8 by saying you were a big company. Which they were.

@phessler @thomas A lot of pre-RIPE allocations were of that size (like all the major West-German universities). I think ZF in Friedrichshafen used to have an /8 too that we announced for them back in the days...

@thomas 1.6% of Vodafone users are IPv6-capable, I guess I should consider myself lucky because IPv6 works fine (with a tad worse latency (~3ms) than IPv4)

@minus interesting... I'm my case IPv6 is a little bit faster in regards of response times :)

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