Once again, cleaning my smartphone's jacks turns out to prevent me from making bad decisions (like to task repair service, buy new HW). This time: USB-C jack.

This is the approx. amount of dust that I removed from the USB C connector. Now my charging cable does fit perfectly, again :)

@thomas puh, die verfärbung vorn am Stecker sieht aber auch gefährlich aus^^

@thomas How did you clean it? I have the same problem with my mobile phone and the usb slot.

@gwenn I used a needle, even though it's risky and you should be super careful not to short the USB pins ;-)

@Winterstar @gwenn eigentlich schon. Allerdings hatte ich keinen zur Hand und bin mir auch unsicher, ob die Dinger dünn genug sind, um überall hin zu kommen.

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