It seems that Wasabi is cheap, but unreliable. 🤔

@thomas True. I recently switched with great effort to their Frankfurt eu-central-1 endpoint, which is more reliable than the us-east & us-west. Even Cloudfront has faster access times to the s3 endpoint which i can only assume means that the us endpoints are heavily overloaded.

Als jemand, die nicht so genau weiß, was das ist... Ein Hoster?

@Cedara das ist ein S3-kompatibler Storage Hoster. Der bietet dir für wenig Geld sehr viel Speicher, den du beliebig nutzen kannst. Einige Mastodon-Betreiber nutzen den gerne, um die Uploads dort abzulegen.

@thomas You're right,they're really very unreliable.Maybe they didn't expect dozens of Mastodon instances using their service 😆 I'm currently hosting my media on my own server but as I was interested in this topic,I searched for cheap alternatives some weeks ago.Maybe this one is useful for you: Storage is even cheaper there but you pay some money for download traffic.Another solution dedicated to Mastodon instances is which is run by some Mastodon instance admins with pricing on a pay what you want base.

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