My how-to about building your Hugo static site with Drone CI and is now available!

We're using the same mechanism at @Anoxinon to power our main website and our blog. Thanks to our partner @codeberg for providing such a great open source based Git hosting solution to all of us!

Wow thanks. What I need to move from gitlab to codeberg.
@Anoxinon @codeberg

@fedilab it should work with Gitlab too :) Drone CI does officially support it. Still it would be nice to support Codeberg, as a "counter weight" to popular platforms ;)

@Anoxinon @codeberg

That's what I planned to do. I want to move some projects from gitlab and github to @codeberg :)

@thomas @Anoxinon Hallo Thomas, would you allow us to include the content of this blog post into our (currently still fragmentary "Zettelkasten-") Wiki at ?

@codeberg hi! Yes, sure. But please add a note which gives the original source and maybe something like "published with permission from Thomas Leister". Just that the original author and source is clear, and that I remember that I gave you permission some time ago... Just for the case that I stumble upon it in the future and don't remember ;)

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