Just moved my Mastodon instance to another storage pool with minimal downtime, thanks to ZFS and its incremental FS copies! \o/

This blog post is about moving to another server, but it is also applicable here ;-)

@thomas How did you get around DNS and new IP though?

Surely propagation takes longer as not all users necessarily use OpenDNS / Google DNS where you can just flush the cache yourself. And some ISP have DNS servers that ignore low TTL values.

@ichii when switching server / ip address, I usually decrease the TTL to a minute, then wait until the old TTL has ended, and then move the server.

As soon as it has a new IP address, the DNS gets updated and the TTL gets increased.

Sometimes I add an additional web proxy / HAProxy from the old server to the new server, just to catch up slowly updating clients.

@thomas Thanks for the explanation. I might need to read more on how to setup those proxies correctly.

How long do you keep them up usually?

@thomas du hast ja sicher LZ4 als compression an, oder?
(Wenn nicht dringend anschalten!)

Dann kannst du auch so lustige Dinge tun wie 'zfs send --compressed ...' Dann wird die zu sendende Menge nochmal deutlich weniger :)

Es freut mich dass dir ZFS gefällt ;)

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