What do you name your servers by?

By purpose?
By stars or planets?
By movie characters

... Or something else?

Let me know! πŸ™‚

@thomas I don't have any 'Servers' as such any more but my machines (Including RasperryPi's) are either named after David Bowie albums or songs or just random names I like the sound of like "Ozymandias"

@thomas i name my devices after scandinavian mythology... but servers are usually named after hitchhiker's guide characters

@thomas servers at work are boring, their names are made up of company name, location, s for server, and a number. Some exceptions (hy instead of s for HyperVs, ex instead of s for Exchange).

Home computers are named after Angels in Neon Genesis Evangelion...

By purpose and a number. For example backup1

@thomas I name my private systems, including servers, after characters from the Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy.

Professionally its functions and numbers, though.

By planets, but by movie characters is also a good idea!

@thomas Private: Servers are Hitchhiker Planets, Clients are Hitchhiker Characters
Business: Constructed name concept by type/place/purpose/etc

@thomas Servers go by Country, Location (city, village, town, etc.) and then purpose, then I set a counter.

But I named my last privately used on after a song from Bilderbuch "M4sch1n3".

I should do that more often.

By spontaneous idea. Sometimes the names are derived from Asterix:

@thomas All my computers are named after philosophers like diogenes, hume ...

Freifunk: physicist (preferred with Nobel prize)
Business: Asterix characters but mostly purpose
Own: name of the hardware

At one workplace we used place names from the Harry Potter novels

@thomas My server is named "server". The other machines are either named by purpose or by owner.

@thomas By purpose and location. Used to do stars and planets until it got too confusing :)

@thomas by King of Queens characters. Also DNS suffix is queens.

That's really cool πŸ‘

(I'm a big fan of that show.)

I used to name stuff after gods/characters.

That got annoying after a while, so only our pfsense device has a custom name now.

Personal devices keep their custom names though.

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