First impressions on UBports on OnePlus One:

Nice try, but quite buggy. Can't scroll in terminal application, gestures are not recognized well, performance is bad.

Well, you definitely can feel that it's not really more than a proof of concept.

But: Bonus for giving me root access so quickly :D

@thomas deckt sich etwa mit meinen Erfahrungen auf dem Bq M10 HD. Damit habe ich die letzten zwei Wochen herumprobiert und jetzt doch wieder Android 8 daraufgeflasht, weil es einfach noch weit entfernt von "ready for prime time" ist. Eigentlich schade, aber wer weiß, vielleicht kommt es ja mit den nächsten OTAs doch noch in einen benutzbaren Bereich.

@thomas scrolling in terminal app works fine. Just use the scrollbar. The normal scrolling is for switching between the last commands to work faster.
Gestures are also working fine on my Oneplus One, my Nexus 5 and all other phones I have tested. Maybe your touchscreen is broken?
Sure the performance can not compete with the latest Android. Ubports doesnt have the ressources Google has but the performance is improving =) My biggest hope is in the next two OTA's with the newest version of Unity 8

@krille @thomas Today my Nexus 4 (20€!) will arrive, hopefully. I cant wait to try ubports on this medieval device.

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