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On Kickstarter I backed "Expired - Issue 1 - SCI-FI/FANTASY/ACTION COMIC!" Check it out: "On a planet that is 90% water, Oxygen is limited. A band of heroes fight for the right to breathe before they expire their last breath"

On Kickstarter I backed "War Angels Issue 6" Check it out: "MWP Comics - genre-hopping twist on the Valkyrie legend continues with Issue 6."

On Kickstarter I backed "SPICY PULP ISSUE 1-6 FEATURING LADY REDBEARD" Check it out: "Escapist fantasy comics for adults featuring Lady Redbeard and space heroine, Strawberry Milk!"

On Kickstarter I backed "Bi Visibility: A Bisexual Anthology" Check it out: "A 44 Page comic book anthology ranging from romance to high fantasy about the bisexual experience."

On Kickstarter I backed "Starweed #1 + #2 - for Recreational Comic Book Use only" Check it out: "In a world of smoking the remains of dead celebrities, they heist corpses. Also starring dinosaurs and an inflatable Clark Gable."

On Kickstarter I backed "Hildebrand Valkyrie - Queen's Guard" Check it out: "Vol. 2 of the medieval fantasy series, Hildebrand Valkyrie. Offering a 60 pg trade paperback, plus the full graphic novel in hardcover!"

On Kickstarter I backed "Fol’Klor #1: A 36-Page Epic Fantasy Comic Book by Cary Nord" Check it out: "A young girl’s emerging powers are either humanity's SALVATION or its DOOM! From the Eisner Award winning artist of Conan (Darkhorse)."

On Kickstarter I backed "Armor-I #4: Sci-Fi Adventure" Check it out: "New kid in town stumbles upon an alien ship that thrusts him in the middle of a war. You can get issues 1-4"

On Kickstarter I backed "Nyobi Origins #1" Check it out: "The highly anticipated origin story of Nyobi is finally upon us with Nyobi Origins #1"

On Kickstarter I backed "Shi: Omnibus Edition Vol. 1 Kickstarter Exclusive!" Check it out: "Billy's Tucci's classic is collected in this Premiere 488-pg. Full-Color Hardcover Omnibus Edition!"

On Kickstarter I backed "SIDE-KICKED Chapters 1-7: Heroes, Sidekicks, Aliens and More" Check it out: "The sidekick strike is over. Can the heroes & sidekicks learn to work together when an alien invasion threatens their peace?"

On Kickstarter I backed "Pilgrim's Dirge #1" Check it out: "A defector trying to return to his family fights for survival on a frozen Earth after a cataclysm manifests aliens and ancient secrets."

On Kickstarter I backed "Black Spartans Chapter Two: A Shonen Manga" Check it out: "A manga style comic book that fans of One Piece, Bleach, and The Witcher will love."

On Kickstarter I backed "Baby Barbarian - a fantasy comic about family for all ages." Check it out: "Accidents happen when you sit on the Player's Throne! A comic about magic, adventure, and family."

On Kickstarter I backed "Terralympus Volume 1, 2 & 3 - Sci-Fi Graphic Novel" Check it out: "Earth is a distant memory and humanity now live on the space station, Terralympus. This is an amazing science fiction graphic novel."

On Kickstarter I backed "Aceblade 1-5: " Check it out: "Superhero Aceblade battles 4 villains in one night. Will breaking his code make him a villain too?"

On Kickstarter I backed "Eule's Vision Issue 4" Check it out: "Join us for the 4th installment of Eule's Vision! A comic brought to you by Jacob Stem, Chad Heinrich and Monica Castillo."

On Kickstarter I backed "Vanya: The Lost Warrior - an erotic, prehistoric adventure" Check it out: "As a right of passage in a futuristic utopian society, Vanya is sent back to prehistoric times to prove her worth as a skilled warrior."

On Kickstarter I backed "Scorpiana 3: Revelations!" Check it out: "The third issue starring the most dangerous woman in comics, Scorpiana!"

On Kickstarter I backed "Bug Hunt: A Space Exterminator Must Become a Hero!" Check it out: "A space station besieged by robotic spiders turns to a reluctant pest control worker to save the day."

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