On Kickstarter I backed "The HOTSHOT Collection" Check it out: kck.st/2Rxt2Mt "Two electrifying trade volumes spanning Hotshot Issues #1-#8."

On Kickstarter I backed "HAUNTING/Like Father, Like Daughter Crossover #1" Check it out: kck.st/3wxPUtI "ZOMBIES, GHOSTS, and POWERS! Superheroes meet the Supernatural in this 44-page epic CROSSOVER!"

On Kickstarter I backed "The Mighty MITE #1" Check it out: kck.st/2SR4m1p "This is a superhero comic book introducing the 'littlest wonder of the world', 'the pink powerhouse' - the Mighty MITE!"

On Kickstarter I backed "Sagas of the Shield Maiden Book Two (+ Book One)" Check it out: kck.st/3w1gGLa "Book Two of the Viking Western comic - Recounting the legends of The Shield Maiden as she traverses Scandinavia & beyond the North Sea."

On Kickstarter I backed "TECHLIUM CHAPTER 1" Check it out: kck.st/34OgdjK "A galactic saga for the ages"

On Kickstarter I backed "Sex, Spies, & Rock 'n Roll anthology comic books" Check it out: kck.st/3fw4Q6k "A retro SPY caper anthology book with multiple stories included! Cold War Espionage meets rock and roll."

On Kickstarter I backed "Warlash: Cold Metal Mayhem & BioBurden #1 Comics and more" Check it out: kck.st/3woqkay "Warlash: Cold Metal Mayhem #1 & Warlash:BioBurden #1 Warlash:dark Noir signed set & other Asylum Press comics"

On Kickstarter I backed "Jason Miller's Death School. An old school horror slasher" Check it out: kck.st/3uZ1JJh "A 91 page horror comic in the vein of Friday the 13th, Halloween, and My Bloody Valentine. Taking you back to the golden age of horror"

On Kickstarter I backed "The Vi Empire" Check it out: kck.st/3eWA2eu "A mysterious child. A grizzled veteran. A desperate hunt. A vampire enemy. A galactic war. The collected edition of THE VI EMPIRE!"

On Kickstarter I backed "Night Wolf #1-5: Urban Fantasy Werewolf Coming-of-Age Drama" Check it out: kck.st/3oCr8pS "After discovering his werewolf lineage, a young man is reluctantly thrown into a supernatural war."

On Kickstarter I backed "Popscars 1 & 2" Check it out: kickstarter.com/projects/punch "A Hollywood Revenge story about Pinky and the famous movie producer she is out to kill, who just so happens to be her father."

On Kickstarter I backed "The Ax Man: Collected Edition" Check it out: kickstarter.com/projects/monst "An operative hunts patient zeros to eradicate dangerous new viruses before plagues spread. Because pandemics suck, right?"

On Kickstarter I backed "Beastlands #1-7: A Heartful Fantasy Adventure" Check it out: kickstarter.com/projects/curti "In a unique fantasy world, a boy must journey to save his companion beast and get his friends back, before he pushes them all too far."

On Kickstarter I backed "Voodoo Nations - Issues 1 & 2 - Horror/Suspense Comic Series" Check it out: kickstarter.com/projects/bd4db "The dark and haunting portrayal of young missionaries entering the world of Voodoo and magic in the heart of New Orleans."

On Kickstarter I backed "Knox County Issue 2" Check it out: kickstarter.com/projects/16870 "Issue 2 Knox County, an adult horror adventure ongoing comic series."

On Kickstarter I backed "Dig Two Graves Vol 2" Check it out: kickstarter.com/projects/dtg2/ "After the brutal murder of her family, former soldier Miranda Stone is left to navigate anger, sadness, and the desire for revenge."

On Kickstarter I backed "Feathers of Onyx" Check it out: kickstarter.com/projects/spira "A brand new action packed Fantasy/Sci-Fi adventure title from Spiral Ink Comics!"

On Kickstarter I backed "Sister Mercy #4: Inferno" Check it out: kickstarter.com/projects/siste "A schizophrenic nun is led by the voice of God through a post-apocalyptic wasteland."

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