On Kickstarter I backed "Lost Magic #1 - An All Ages Fantasy Horror Comic" Check it out: kck.st/32YNHhK "36 Pages, Full Color that lets the Reader's Imagination run wild with Magic, Monsters & Mystery."

On Kickstarter I backed "Mayfield Eight: Let's Party!" Check it out: kck.st/3J4mLOa "He blew up a Biker's clubhouse. He stole $40,000 from a drug dealer. Will he live to see tomorrow?"

On Kickstarter I backed "Brainteaser - Issue #1" Check it out: kck.st/3EHuFul "A mind-bending, mind-transferring superhero comic which takes a villainess to every corner of her universe."

On Kickstarter I backed "SENSATIONAL G-GIRL #7 - Two Brand-New Adventures!" Check it out: kck.st/32vSKGs "SEXY! POWERFUL! STRONG! The SENSATIONAL G-GIRL is back in a new issue of her own magazine, by Dennis Mallonee and Gaetano Petrigno."

On Kickstarter I backed "Starchild 5" Check it out: kck.st/3FVDCB6 "Das fünfte Kapitel der SciFi-Fantasy-Comicserie"

On Kickstarter I backed "Quintara Stone The Immortal Templar #1" Check it out: kck.st/39RZiiH "Highlander meets Moon Knight in an action adventure comic series that spans history."

On Kickstarter I backed "IMPOSSIBLE 2B: IMPOSSIBLE JONES & CAPTAIN LIGHTNING TEAM-UP!" Check it out: kck.st/2Zctva1 "Will IMP steal an artifact LIGHTNING asked her to guard— or will SECTION ZERO!?! 40-pg Comic by KESEL (King Shark) & HAHN (Batman 66)"

On Kickstarter I backed "THE PHALANX, a superhero action comic book by Jonathan Luna" Check it out: kck.st/3BSDjEq "From Jonathan Luna, a one-shot superhero comic book in homage to 90s comics and the founding series of Image Comics."

On Kickstarter I backed "Black Spartans Manga Chapter Two" Check it out: kck.st/3B4uhUS "One Piece, Bleach, and The Witcher all converge to create this masterful Shonen series."

On Kickstarter I backed "XCT: Monsters Anthology" Check it out: kck.st/3ENyi29 "XCT: Monsters an anthology graphic novel based within the award winning Xtreme Champion Tournament universe."

On Kickstarter I backed "Ancient Noise #5 & Trade Paperback Collection" Check it out: kck.st/398BOWd "The 5th and FINAL issue of Ancient Noise as well as the Trade Paperback Collection of the complete mini series."

On Kickstarter I backed "Miss Meow #3" Check it out: kck.st/39A0Dut "We left you with Miss Meow in the clutches of Katfight. Could this been our hero's ninth life? Check out the LIMITED variants!"

On Kickstarter I backed "ASTRAL VENGEANCE - Issue #1 - Sci-fi action horror/thriller!" Check it out: kck.st/2VEeDjk "Issue #1 of the awesome REVENGE TALE in the highly-acclaimed 'ASTRAL' series! Also available: FULL 'ASTRAL THRILL3GY' SAGA (333 pages!)"

On Kickstarter I backed "Century House #1: A Pulp-Era Superhero Comic." Check it out: kck.st/3tlWnrF "A pulp-era superhero story set against the backdrop of a post-World War alternate history America."

On Kickstarter I backed "Cane #1-2" Check it out: kck.st/3gTWTYF "The demons don't stand a chance!"

On Kickstarter I backed "Lady Mechanika: The Monster of the Ministry of Hell #1" Check it out: kck.st/3k4H9Ea "The new issue of the indie steampunk series, now to be published through Image Comics!"

On Kickstarter I backed "The Arcane Cocktail Enthusiast #(1-) 3!" Check it out: kck.st/3C7Uzpa "The award-winning urban fantasy series with a twist returns with issue #3! The FULL series is available for new readers!"

On Kickstarter I backed "The Breakfast Bunch #2" Check it out: kck.st/3tDxxmX "Final issue! There's a reason breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Enter the world of cereal magic!"

On Kickstarter I backed "Inferi #1-#2" Check it out: kck.st/2YOafzs "Before Quantico, Professor Able is recruited to fight an evil that even Monsters fear. Follow the story of how it all began."

On Kickstarter I backed "INCREDIBLE NORSE MYTHS & LEGENDS Vol.3 - for adult" Check it out: kck.st/2UhXOKo "Odin's Source of Wisdom: "

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