What happens once I have more followers than Lance Ulanoff has on Twitter?

Okay, I am getting questions about who Lance Ulanoff is. Time for some Mastodon history.

Exactly a year ago today, Lance Ulanoff opened his article about Mastodon with this phrase:

"William Shatner couldn't find me on Mastodon.

This was a problem."

That was the day Mastodon became a shatner-proof network.

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He concluced his article (titled "Mastodon will never be the next Twitter") with this:

"I suspect thousands of other Tooters (blech!) will soon do the same and Mastodon will lay down beside all other other fossilized social media platforms and fade from existence."

Since then, Mastodon grew to 1,300,000 users and 2,000 servers. This is why people bring him up today.

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@Gargron Hmm I think mastodon has a lot more long lasting power with instances but it will die someday everything does

True. The main difference between Mastodon and other decentrlized aocial networks is that Mastodon is actually picking up stream. Most of the others fizzled out with a small number of users.

Personally, I think the prior ones arrived at a bad time. When was at its most popular, Facebook was a media darling and information about PRISM had yet to reach the public. It faded because there was no "push" away from corporate-controlled social media.


Mastodon is maturing in an environment in which everyone is aware of government spying, Russian election meddling, and scandals involving the abuse of social media account holders' personal information. In that environment, people seek something new and different.

Before the Russia/Cambridge Analytica scandals, it would have been easy to see Mastodon going the way of Diaspora. Those events changed the game. Hopefully, more people will see the benefits of decentralization.

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