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Well, I guess this is one way to fix the problem.

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I was intending the glass of water to be for myself. I guess I should have brought one for Callie too.

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my brand is shader programming, 90s web design, and defending otherkin

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On Mastodon you have 3 different timelines:

HOME - Like Twitter, shows all the posts of the people you follow

LOCAL - Shows all the posts of the members of your Instance

FEDERATED - Shows all the posts of the people that you follow and also the posts of people on other Instances that are followed by people of your Instance

The Instance you choose is very Important and depending on it your experience on Mastodon, the people you will see and the community talk will be very different.

On you can easily search instances based on language, interests and some badic policies. The suggestions about Instances on this website are more detailed and precise than the ones on

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Welcome to all the people from India that are joining Mastodon in these days!!

#india #introductions and #followindia can be helpful hashtags to find other people just arrived here like you.

We understand that you are still unconfident with this platform, therefore here you will find some helpful tips to better understand how #Mastodon works:

- There is no such thing as "A" social network called Mastodon! Instead there are thousands of independent social networks called Mastodon Instances.
- Every Instance has his own server, community, rules, admins and moderation.
- Every Instance can interact with users that are on other Instances, exactly like email works (you can send an email from gmail to yahoo, right?).
- Every Instance can choose to silence or completely block another Instance (i.e. because permits bad behaviour)

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In about 30 minutes, I'll be presenting the stop motion and animation block at . You can watch live on !

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once demosplash is over I'm going to try and modify bonzomatic to render at 1/2 size so that my streams are faster

This is what a third partier's stub looks like. This might be the last time there's a "G" on my ticket, at least for a while.

Happy two-year to me. Props to @thomas for keeping this server going the whole time.

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saw this expensive new beef flavored ramen in the grocery store today 

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you have been visited by the ghost of incorrect aspect ratios

LPT: Go for a walk in your neighborhood right after . I just found two pieces of on the ground and they were delicious.

There are a lot of shows coming up in November, but so many of them are close to . Do I feel like being tired that whole weekend?

(I mean, I will be anyway...)

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I’ve been punched in the face 14 times for clearly pronouncing the “L” in “salmon”. I won’t stop. Don’t put letters in words if you’re embarrassed by them.

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"what are you looking for in a position?"

"wide latitude and a reasonable r&d budget."

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so anyone else going to demosplash this year 👀

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