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Finally spinning the new Tarja Turunen album, _In the Raw_. What's the most recent new release you've spun?

If you're down with power metal, the new Sonata Arctica album's pretty good. I've had it on repeat since Friday. There are a few tracks I don't care for, but overall a good listen.

I'm not listening to any of the new Tool music until I have the whole album. Wanna hear things in context.

10,000 Days is my favorite Tool album. Yeah, I said it!

me: do you know what black metal is?

coworker (35-yr-old female): is that heavy metal played by african americans?

Never heard of the band False before last week, but spun their new album _Portent_ today and rather enjoyed the feelings of despair, loneliness, and misery. I'm getting quite a bit of work done with this in my ears.

Listening to Led Zep III. Totally forgot how dang ACOUSTIC this album is. It's so nice.

Reviewing some of 2019's releases, I'm reminded of Born of Osiris's _The Simulation_, which I'd completely forgotten about. Such a good listen. I'm not usually into metalcore, but this is kind of djenty and kind of progressive too. Makes my brain happy, especially while I'm working.

Yesterday I gave Clapton's _461 Ocean Boulevard_ a listen for the first time, all the way through (four times). I thought it okay, but nothing to get excited about. Today I'm listening to _Layla and Other Assorted Love Songs_ by Derek and the Dominos for the first time. Three songs in, and all I can think is HOLY CRAP, and I haven't even gotten to "Layla," "Little Wing," or "Nobody Knows You When You're Down and Out" yet. What an album.

12 minutes of people yelling SLAYER! to win a contest. I was in the foulest mood until I watched this; now I feel pretty good. Maybe I need to put some old-school thrash in the headphones today.

I like the guy in church genuflecting and saying "HECKING SLAYER!!"

aaaaaaah maaaaaaaan this new fallujah album is sooooooooo goooooooood. 🖤🖤🖤

Haven't been grooving to any new metal lately, but the new Stray Cats album is pretty great.

Playing around with IG stories, I made a little countdown of the 10 best albums of 1982 (the year I was 13). If you have an IG account, you can view it here. What do you think of my list? :)

Somebody please give the new Amon Amarth album a spin for me and tell me if I should give it a listen. I love power metal but that's a band I only care about if the materal's especially strong.

we took our outgoing vp of marketing to mw restaurant for lunch. the food was good but the company was the best. i really enjoy my coworkers.

Rather enjoying this new Jordan Rudess album, 'though I'm not sure I'm finding any of it very memorable.

Shared by Ne Obliviscaris on the band's FB page. Pretty funny.

Also, if you haven't heard them you really must. :)

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