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Giving the new Periphery a first spin. I kind of let their last couple of albums go by without paying any attention, but I'm liking this so far.

Two tracks I especially like:

"It's Only Smiles"

"Garden in the Bones"

Why didn't someone tell me DragonForce has an Asian guitarist? I would have checked them out ages ago.

Spinning _Killer Elite_ now. It sounds like very fast glam. And kind of like Rhapsody. Not bad.

I gave The Devil You Know, the new L.A. Guns album, a few spins today at the office. I remember almost none of it, but it's pleasant enough, and a little heavier than I expected. Pretty good glam record if you still love glam, as I do!

Holy moly. This new Devin Townsend album is challenging as heck. Gonna need a few spins before I can even tell what I think!

So yeah. This new Weezer album (The Black Album) is maybe the most endless-replayable album I've heard all year besides the Dream Theater album. Not very punky but fun to listen to.

It's a slow week for new metal albums, so I'm spending this week finally spinning some new non-metal. The new Over the Rhine album is sublimely melancholy, a quiet, indy-folk, poetic tear-jerker. The new Weezer (black album) is pleasant and a good choice for the headphones while getting stuff done in the office. I'm enjoying both today.

Ozzy Osbourne's granddaughter singing "Crazy Train" to cheer Ozzy up while he was ill recently. Click to view video.

I don't see any super-interesting new albums today, but here's a new song by Death Angel. Pretty dang good.

This bot generates names for metal bands, complete with appropriately fonted logos. Cracks me up a few times each day.


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It seems silly to review Hel, the new Týr album: if you know the band, you pretty much know what it sounds like. But if you don't, you might check it out if you're down with folk metal / power metal. I like it, and would put it up there with their best work. Haven't picked a favorite track yet, but this one is pretty representative of the album. "Ragnars Kvæði"

Also check out "All Heroes Fall."

After two tracks, my early feeling is that the vocals are fine. This would be a great band to put out an instrumental album, though! Maybe they could release instrumental versions of their entire albums.

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finally. a moment to give today's new fallujah album a spin. new vocalist, so i'm a little wary.

Can't stop listening to this new Dream Theater album. I wish I could send it back to 15-yr-old me and say, "Heeeere's what you're craving after all those Rush albums!"

Spinning the new Children of Bodom! I admit I have a soft spot for them — my very first impression is that this one sounds a little corny, but I like it anyway. I just love CoB’s shredding and production sensibilities. Their last few albums have just been so accessible, like a jar of shiny Skittles candies, with about as much substance. This is melodic technodeath the way I like it. Heavy on the melodic, heavy on the techno, light on the death. Also a great live band. 🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤

I've had Soen's _Lotus_ album on repeat all day, so I did a little bit of homework. People compare them to Tool, and I get it: progressive, metal, thoughtful, complicated. But I don't hear Tool in their sound at all. I hear Katatonia, which is a very good thing. Love this album.

Gave the new Visions of Atlantis album a spin (The Deep and the Dark -- Live at Symphonic Nights). It's pretty sweet if a bit self-congratulatory. I like Clementine Delauney. Might have to go back and explore earlier Visions material.

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"My insolent son fell into a volcano near the Slovakian capital"


"Probably is by now, yeah."

My top 14 albums of 2019 so far:

1. Dream Theater — Distance over Time

2. Within Temptation — Resist

3. Presto Ballet — The Days Between

4. Avantasia — Moonglow

5. Neal Morse Band — The Great Adventure

6. Evergrey — The Atlantic

7. Soen — Lotus

8. Queensrÿche — The Verdict

9. Weezer — The Teal Album

10. Soilwork — Verkligheten

11. Steve Hackett -- At the Edge of Night

12. Born of Osiris -- The Simulation

13. Delain -- Hunter's Moon (EP)

14. Rhapsody of Fire -- The Eighth Mountain

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