@thsprsntdrknss I hear you, but it's tough to argue against a podcast getting paid. Everyone's trying to figure out how to monetize, and it sucks when good content can't pay for itself.

What are you guys spinning this week? January's always a little slow for new releases, but I have enjoyed the new album from Haunt. It's so retro.

a thing americans do that irritates me 

@balrogboogie There's nationality and there's ethnicity. Some people continue certain cultural practices and traditions according to ethnicities, don't you think? It's necessarily appropriative. I've got black hair, narrow brown eyes, and tan skin. But I'm only half Japanese. Should I identify as "half Japanese and half ancestors-from-Italy-Ireland-Germany?" Seems unfair to my Caucasian heritage, which is as much a part of me as my Asian heritage.

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I'd never heard of Disillusion, but something I read several weeks ago made me jot their name on a sticky note and stick it to the sticky-note area of my monitor at work. Finally giving their album _The Liberation_ a spin and holy cow. What an album so far! What do you guys think of this band?

That's Duff McKagan on bass and Chad Smith from Red Hot Chili Peppers on drums.

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@ferds Yeah and days after we talked about the lineup, CoB announced everyone's leaving after this tour except Alexi and his rhythm guitarist! I hope the keyboardist lands somewhere good -- he's my favorite thing about the band.

"My misery owns me now..." New Ozzy Osbourne song. I like it. I hope the rest of the new album (next year) is as introspective.


@biggusmickus @mariusor Exactly. The members of the bands are no more speaking for themselves as any horror movie director is of him- or herself. Except maybe Mayhem. :)

@mariusor Yeah, me too. It's the real-life stuff with that band that I'm not sure I wanna endorse! :)

@mariusor Yeah I saw that. I have mixed feelings about them! I love "A Grand Declaration of War" but sometimes feel guilty listening to it, you know?

As far as I can tell, no metal was released this week that I must spin, so I'm dedicating this week to catching up on mainstream 2019 music, which I've fallen behind on since early spring, except for Taylor Swift's new one. Anyone have something non-metal they especially love from this year?

@ferds same basic lineup since 1997, except for rhythm guitar. let me know what you think if you check out the recent stuff. i'm especially fond of 2013's Halo of Blood. It's so cleanly produced it tastes like a bag of skittles.

@ferds Yes and pretty much doing exactly the same, only a lot slicker, a lot less edgy. I just love the unapologetic shredding. It’s a fun band. 🙃

@Ayreonaut I have that Amon Amarth on my list to check out. Didn't even consider the others on your mini-list. I'll give them a spin this weekend. :)

@biggusmickus i love reading other people’s lists for exactly this reason. and it’s a good way to discover new music.

looking forward to Vanden Plas, Blind Guardian, and maybe Cattle Decapitation.

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Oh crap I left Fallujah off the list. Put them at 4 and move everyone down. Sorry, Elvenking!

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Without thinking too hard about it, I scribbled this list of my 10 favorite metal albums this year so far. The list will certainly change in the next 2 months, but here's an early draft.

1. Dream Theater, Distance over Time
2. Opeth, In Cauda Venenum
3. Soen, Lotus
4. Tool, Fear Inoculum
5. Soilwork, Verkligheten
6. Devin Townsend, Empath
7. Evergrey, The Atlantic
8. Children of Bodom, Hexed
9. Avantasia, Moonglow
10. Elvenking, Reader of the Runes – Divination

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