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My olive tree has exactly five (5) olives.

Food (+) 

We just harvested a lemon that weights a quarter of a kilo.

My first pomegranate ever!

(BTW I have no idea of how to know if it's ripe or no 😂)


I collected the first shiitake from the mushroom producer trunk!

I've seen myself teaching in a recording.

It looks like I said: Look! The mechanism is moving! Wiiiiiiiii


When I was visiting the plants, I saw what looked like a hummingbird around the zinnias. It couldn't be a hummingbird because there isn't any in Europe and I'm can't be attracting overseas fauna, I thought.

So, I checked the Internet and discovered the hummingbird moth!

Have you seen any, fellow Europeans?


Arch broke but I learned to connect to wifi from TTY.

While I reinstall I'm cooking a fig and apple crumble to use the excess harvest.

A good Sunday!

10 years of engineering successfully avoiding to learn to use a propietary CAD software and now I have to teach it 😀

I built paper umbrellas with recycled material to protect the little plants from the sun.

Hope it works!

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We had one day over 30ºC and 5 above 25ºC during july and august but now that I started the fall vegetables we will have a minisummer with more than 35ºC

Food, story 

The figs in the previous post come from a descendent of a very big fig tree that was here before the house was built. I was a child at that time but I remember it.

It was cut down during the works but several sprouts appeared some time after and now there are three figs trees in the garden that provide food to the neighbourhood.

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Food & gardening 

Courgette independence!

"Aprender a dividir entre los que somos ayuda a pensar en qué vida puede ser esa en la que quepamos todas y no dejamos a nadie atrás. Cuánto queda, si hay para todas y a cuánto tocamos, son preguntas políticas centrales."

El tercer artículo en la serie de ausencias de Yayo Herrero

Last summer I discovered a little apricot tree in the garden; today, I found a fig tree in the middle of the roses.

I should put all these spontaneous trees in a piece of land and make a forest.

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