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Good morning Fediverse!

It's sunny here, I started a new soap that smells like roses and I have the writing part of the exam of Italian this afternoon.

How's your day going?

Trying to figure out how to pronounce Kirchhoff, a cowoker and I discovered he was born in Königsberg, the city of the famous bridges, that was part of Prussia at the time.

Then, we needed to know to which country the city belongs nowadays. From the map we though it was Poland, but no!

There is a piece of Russia between Poland and Lithuania: the Kaliningrad Oblast, being Kaliningrad the former Königsberg.

We still have no clue of how to pronouce Kirchhoff but we learned the word oblast ❤️

Brother and I are watching sheep breeds because why not.

If you want to join us:

L'esame di italiano non è stato mica facile 😱

But I didn't revise *at all* so if I don't pass we'll all know the reason 😂

Why wasn't I using AUCTeX? It's so wonderful. I love it ❤️

Good morning Fediverse!

Are you following the posts by @estebanm?

He explains musical concepts with examples every Monday at 10 (European time).

I'm learning a lot! 😍

I use the hairdryer on my too long bangs and now I look like a bobtail dog and don't see very well.

Great job, Ondiz!

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Hi there! I'm a 22 years old philosophy student from the Basque Country. I'm interested in language(s) and literature(s) but also in a bunch of other topics (still trying to figure out in what field I want to further my research). I speak Basque, French, Spanish and English.

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A ver los de las que ya me habéis recomendado 3! Como buena recomiendo Smoking room a @aurochs que al pobre le han puesto una muy mala.

Como pelis malas no recomiendo, dejo de propina de peli buena Moon, de la que ya he hablado otras veces.

Good morning Fediverse!

I made and ate a pancake tower, shaped a bread, extracted liquid from the composter and watered the plants.

Still, I have to prepare soymilk, finish the presentation for Italian class (and revise a bit, tomorrow we have the February exam!), do my daily yoga and (maybe) bake a pumpkin cake.

It's a exciting Sunday!

Food, vegan 

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I showed my last drawing to a friend from Italian class and she made me the proposal of drawing something for a poetry book she's working on.

I'm an amateur artist and never worked for anyone so I don't know if I'd be able to do it, but I'm happy she valued my work and that we can work together.

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Hoy os comparto una entrada que llevaba mucho tiempo en el horno "La tragedia de los cuidados"
Centrada en los #cuidados y los #colectivos. Es algo que tenía ganas de compartir!

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Hace unos meses @ondiz me habló de FairBnb (una alternativa a AirBnb donde realmente salga ganando la comunidad y no una empresa) y parece que les gusta @casatiajulia y si todo va bien formaré parte a lo largo del 2019 de las primeras comunidades en España (y quizás la única rural). Estoy muy contenta

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Babies, if your client (a company) is in a hurry (because they delayed the project too much) remember to charge them with a higher price. Why?

- The project is going to drain your energy -> remember, they want it for yesterday
- They are irresponsible -> remember they delayed the project too much
- They need you *right now* so they will pay for it.

What if they don't want to accept that price?

That's even better because you'll lose a project which looks like a real problem.

Muy bien, Ondiz, acabas de escribir "en el casa" 👏

Hoy se inaugura en el casa de cultura Okendo de Donosti la exposición "Ciencia trabajadora" que organiza @teknahi y en la que sale servidora 😀

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