@CorioPsicologia Estoy oyéndolo ahora, me encanta 💜 La ciencia ficción me parece la mejor herramienta para entender el mundo, me ha recordado precisamente a Ansible Fest, el festival de ciencia ficción feminista que se estrenó el año pasado en Bilbao.

Por cierto, a mí también me dan miedo las rumbas, van a dominar el mundo.

Hey Fediverse!

I'm back to crochet! I'm creating some slippers for a friend using thick yarn.

I'm also listening to my favourite podcast: Post Apocalipsis Nau, if you understand Spanish I recommend it!

Enjoy your day 💜

@giorgiograppa Justamente acaba de aparecerme en el libro el tema del análisis diacrónico! En muy interesante esto y útil para que no te engañen!

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Nice language things: in Georgian terms for parts of the body, the palm is called khelisguli - formed of kheli (hand) + guli (heart), so it's literally the heart of the hand which I think is really nice :)

@fayacei Cómo te comprendo! Iba a hacer un jerseycillo para un bebé y para cuando terminé, el bebé era demasiado grande.

Seguro que tu amigo comprende la espera :)

@giorgiograppa Me refiero a eso, sí. La parte del diacrónico y diatópico no la había oído jamás, pero es lo que intento hacer a nivel más intuitivo que otra cosa.

Me encanta este tema!

I'm reading about rhetorics and I realised that I loved writing "text commentaries" (I don't know if this is the correct English term, I mean these pieces of writing in which one analyses the vocabulary, patterns... in a text) in high school. Discovering the tools the authors use was like learning to see. This is by far the most useful thing I learned during my school years.

I'm lately embracing humanities more than normal, I hope I don't get kicked off from science for such eccentricities.

@superandoni Two little weeks instead of one! We should keep that pattern forever 😍

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#ICANN is proposing allowing unlimited fee increases for .org domain names, which currently are allowed to increase a maximum of 10% annually at icann.org/public-comments/org-

Until April 29 you can send a comment to express your disagreement.

If you wonder why this is relevant, consider that many non-profit organizations around the world might be forced to change their domain by simply raising the price enough.

Don't forget that in some places people strive to gain 10$ in a month.

@colegota Jeje yo a veces te leía y a veces no! Qué bien que vuelva la conexión ❤️

@valhalla Yes! 25 aprile :D

Enjoy the extra long weekend!

@inmysocks They are... I have to deal with them as well, but I'm lucky because mine are not very strong.

I hope you get better soon!

Good morning superfediversians!

How are you?

@abi Questo è vero. Volevo dire che tutti mi dicono: devi avere figli! Non hai più tempo!

E io penso: è sensato avere figli perché ho una certa età? È l'unica possibilità?

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@CorioPsicologia Cierto es! Me pasa algo similar, prefiero hacerme un curry vegano que una cosa raruna con forma de filete que luego no está rico. Lo que sí que suelo veganizar son los dulces, que suelen quedar bien.


@CorioPsicologia @Phoenix_alx Es loquísima esa movida, siempre quiere probarla pero luego... Soy una científica de pacotilla!

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