Estoy de vacaciones y hago algo de vida en el pueblo. Como soy igual que cuando tenía seis años, la gente me reconoce y me saluda. Así, acabo devolviendo el saludo a montones de desconocidos que, a diferencia de mí, han cambiado demasiado.

En otro orden de cosas, tengo un limón.

Food (ES) 


I'm very happy with my box (it's a real box!) and I'm starting to notice some progress. I added already all hiragana and tomorrow I'll start adding katakana.

I learnt half of them by heart dedicating just 5 minutes a day.


I decided to give spaced repetition a try to learn japanese so I "built" a Leitner box.

I could use an app but I'm an old analogic lady.

Also, as I'm an engineer, I didn't take any measure at all and all the cards look different.

I'll keep you posted about my progress!

Now they're overputing accents on it :D

I don't know how to pronounce it NOR how to write it, this is fantastic.

Es posible que me haya venido arriba preparando la presentación de la esLibre.


I've been working the land. Here there is a corner of my vegetable patch with a tomate some carrots, fennels and lettuces.

I unintentionally did half a backward somersault trying to get rid of the rocket plant that was invading everything. The revenge of the plants!

Sexism, harassment 

El próximo viernes se presenta en Bilbao uno de los libros que leí en abril*: Despertar del sueño tecnológico.

Por si os apetece venir a hablar de capitalismo digital y soberanía tecnológica desde un punto de vista político y con la prensa como contexto.

Yo andaré por ahí.

*Le dediqué un párrafo (y una canción) aquí:

Good morning Fediverse!

It's still winter and the plants are staying in but it's also Museums Day and I'll go to one that I haven't visited.

Have fun!

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