Good morning, lovely Fediversians!

While the sourdough ferments I'll finish knitting the baby sweater. My idea was to give it to some friends but I was too slow and now the baby is too big.

We are learning reported speech in Italian class and we have a quote from Gramsci to convert which reminded me of this song:


The pic shows the quote that says: "Odio gli indifferenti. Credo che vivere voglia dire essere partigiani. Chi vive veramente no può non essere cittadino e partigiano. L'indifferenza è abulia, è parassitismo, è vigliaccheria, non è vita. Perciò odio gli indifferenti."

Also features my fantastic handwriting 😂

Hey Fediverse!

My city is invaded by tourists, Easter processions and political propaganda so I'm baking bread and watching the fennel bulb grow.

There goes a pic of it so you can watch it grow with me!

(I'm using an app now and I can't the caption to the image: it shows the fennel with some rocket plants in the background)

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Good morning Fediverse!

I'm cultivating the mind and cultivating the land 🌿

Here you have a pic of one of my lettuces and some fennel and rockets in the background.

Have a nice Saturday! 💚

Hey Fediverse!

I found another coin on the street, this time I think it's from Bulgaria. Anyone that can confirm around?

Two international coins in a single week in the same place, incredible!

I took home my last oil painting, it's been a long time since I painted abstract stuff.

It was nice to come back!

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Just planted a pomegranate tree with my bare and soft engineer hands.

The poor thing has been living in a pot forever, I hope the new house makes it happy!

Just came from an exhibition about the role of women in Basque industry. It's incredible how we've been sistematically erased from history, renaming our inventions, "liberating" us from the hard work of industry.

Studying the past from a feminist perspective is essential.

In the pic there is a model of a Bessemer converted from the beginning of the XX century. The machine that allowed for the industrialisation in my region.

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Returned from the talk! No much people but a lot of fun!

Here a moment of me using xkcd to explain free software.

Also, featuring Marx because why not.

Estoy preparando mi charla de la semana que viene 😀

Tendrá licencia libre ❤️

Graphical update on Operation Vegetables!

Baby tomatoes ❤️

I think I told you we're making presentations about women in Italian class.

Last time a classmate talked about Luisa Spagnoli, a really interesting businesswoman and inventor, creator of the famous chocolates called Baci (kisses) that come with a little love message.

To finish the presentation, she gave us some to try, taken by her mother-in-law from Rome! She, of course, received a great applause.

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