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Now it changes the divisions by fractions (surely not for all cases, but works for me), adds the \ to the greek letters and deletes the multiplication sign.

It's been fuuun!

Working on the German sheperd I'm drawing using colour pencils.

I did it! I oversimplified and made a dirty trick but now I can plot the modes of the plate so I know what I'm doing 😀

My code was right but my testing values weren't.

Good, Ondiz!

I'm back to plotting cubes, this time (very) deformed ones!

My head is going to explode!

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I'm finishing the year the best possible way!

Last time we played was the 8th of March, he was a kitten and we had a lot of fun. Now he's a grown up and he's a little afraid of me.

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Guess what I'm doing!

- It's Italian
- Take some days to finish
- Belongs to Christmas time

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