Just discovered that Wiktionary has lists of palindromes in different languages and I can't stop reading them

This is the Spanish one:

The longest palindrome in the list (reconocer) is a very common word that I never realised is a palindrome.

@ondiz I only recognized "Dábale arroz a la zorra el abad". :-) There's people in the fediverse who can lengthen that list 🙂

@ondiz By the way, I planted some pistachios (bought in Carrefour) and they are growing!

@Aurochs OH! How did you do? Can you just plant the ones that are sold for eating?

@Aurochs (I love how any conversation between the two of us ends up being about growing stuff)

@ondiz If only I could plant palindromes :-). that is because you are the official gardener of the fediverse. (Demeter style). BTW I also did plant hops and they are growing so fast.

@Aurochs Hahaha. I'd like to be!

I thought about growing hops, but at the end I decided against because I read that they grow too much.

@ondiz They are a climbing vine and They grow fast and tall, yes. If your space is limited perhaps is not the best option. But as I make beer I thought it was necessary :-). They are wild hops, I unearthed some rhizomes from wild growing plants.

@Aurochs I knew you were doing something special, not just growing normal hops!!

Do hops grow everywhere in nature or are them limited to a specific zone?

@ondiz As far as I know they grow in Europe, they are probably paleartic. They are a commone weed in central Europe but here in Spain I have only seen them near a couple of small rivers and streams.

@Aurochs Interesting! Now I want to go around and check for hops 😅

@ondiz In fact, it was finding wild hops what made me start making my own beer. I only use those hops.

@Aurochs Uooooo! How did you learn about wild plants? I'm looking for a good book about them.

Or about flowers.

Or both.

@ondiz I guess I learned at university 😅 I am a biologist. I do really have a reference book about plants.
The good thing about botany is that, as you see plants all the time, you are always refreshing. And when I get interested about something I search for specific information.
BTW I recently found that salsifi grows wild here and is quite abundant!

@Aurochs I'm asking because some biologists that I know, know a lot about plants (specially wild ones) and others... don't so much. I suppose it's related with the university in which they studied?

I read about salsify in a book about gardening that I own, but I've never tried it. It looks similar to dandelion 😱

(or meacamas, as we call them here)

@ondiz It's in the family, some people say it tastes like oysters (but I don't believe that, although I haven't tried it yet).
I guess it depends on the university, we had to study a lot of plant taxonomy but I forgot most of it. Good thing is that field trips tend to remind me a little sometimes. 🙂
Nevertheless I am not a botanist by any stretch of the imagination!

@ondiz By the way, you can see a terrible draft of what would be the tag for my beer in my recent timeline. Feel free to say it's rubbish (or how to improve it).

@francistein We have an expert in palindromes here? I love this place.

@Aurochs @durru

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