The lemon tree didn't produce any lemon for years and looked yellowish. This year I removed (organically) an aphid infestation and mulched it, first with leave mold and after with grass clippings, and it's looking really green and beautiful. In addition, it produced about 10 kg of lemons by now. and there are even more on the tree.

Fellow gardeners, do you think that only applying mulch can make such a change? Which other factors can be acting?

Boost welcome!

My two cents,
removing the aphids may be the main contributor here. Aphids produce honeydew that the sooty mold loves, and that inhibits the photosynthesis.

Especially if it is an old tree with a big root system and doesn't usually have a severe lack of water, I'd say mulching may have helped, but in a very light way, especially after only a bit of time.

However, if the mulch was rich in nutrients and it sat there for long enough (at least 6-9 months), giving them the time to get in the soil, than it may be a main contributor and the tree was likely in a lack of something

@arteteco Interesting!

Now that you mention lack of water, I just remember that this was the first year (the tree is about 20) in which the tree has been watered in the very hot days of summer.

The mulch has been there for about a year, I had to reapply it several times because it literally disappeared into the soil.

I have a similar problem (without aphids) in an orange tree, so knowing the reasons behind will help me with it.

Thank you very much!

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