Speaking part of the Italian exam done!

I had to talk about food and told the teachers I bake bread and have a vegetable garden, I hope that makes me pass ๐Ÿ˜‚

We'll know on Tuesday.

ยท 2 ยท 0 ยท 5

@aurochs I'm still in a medium level, so it's not required :D

But we learn the gestures during the classes!

@aurochs @ondiz They ask you to speak with your hands only when you're applying for citizenship. In fact, as Italian you must:
1- Eat pasta at least once a day
2- Talk about food (best food, best restaurant, etc.)
3- Drink coffee
4- Speak with your hands
(disclaimer: I'm Italian)

@RGBes The Italians I know would agree with this.

In fact, they do this.

One of them threw a knife when trying to speak and cook at the same time.

@ondiz @aurochs @RGBes my grandmother was pretty dangerous when she was talking while cooking (but then we knew that we had to stay out of the moving knife zone, and afaik nothing bad ever happened).

@ondiz @RGBes I was once explained the complications of Italian hand-emphasization, I have already forgotten about it (although I miss some emoticons).
On the other hand, my mom was only dangerous with a flip-flop in her hand.

Did you bring some food at the exam? Eating something with the testers improve the score ๐Ÿ˜Š

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