After talking with my friend this morning I've decided to challenge me learning 5 languages in 5 years (starting when I finish my degree, that's when I'm sure I won't drop the challenge). My list is

1. German
2. Arab
3. Russian
4. ???
5. ???

I'll keep you updated

@yabirgb You chose the easiest ones, didn't you? 😂

It's a great project, good luck!

@ondiz I really feel motivated to do it. My target is a B2/C1 in each one but I don't want to drop it so everything at it's time


@yabirgb I think it's feasible and also a lot of fun (which is the best part!).

I'm learning my fifth language now and would like to learn a language with a different writing system, so I'm very interested in your (future) experience 😊

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