A bit late but ... good morning Fediverse!

I'm writing a paper as the responsible academic I am and I'm looking forward to the weekend because I'll start to work on my vegetable garden.

How's your day going?

@aurochs Oh, I'm sorry!

Will this affect your work?

@ondiz Let's just say that since May I may have plenty of time to work on my vegetable garden

@aurochs I understand, I may be in the same situation in September.

Scientists and precariat... Good luck!

@ondiz Thanks Ondiz. It was expected, but still stinks. Something must be done for the precarity of scientists.

@aurochs True! I'm sick of two year contracts, waiting for grants and all the paperwork.

(And I have to admit I'm one of the priviledged ones, because as an engineer is easier for me to move to industry)

We need to unite 😀

@ondiz I am failing to focus on my thesis because I want to build my robot and work on my laser cutter and work on the home automation systems and work on the zulip bot I am making and about a million other things that aren't editing a paper.

@inmysocks If I had the possibility of building a robot, I certainly wouldn't work on this paper.

You have a lot of things going on, how nice 😍

@ondiz I just read an article criticizing Amazon, which I totally agree with, while I code software that completely relies on AWS. So, not the best day, I guess.

@xiroux AWS is difficult to avoid, but we'll build something someday!

Hope the rest of the day is better :D

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