History, politics 

I didn't know this story, very interesting.

When the U.S. Interned Italians in Montana, They Rioted Over Olive Oil.


#history #Americans #Italians #Japanese #food #worldWarII

History, politics 

@thelazyfox I knew about Japanese people being incarcerated, but not about Italians!

I'd riot as well if I couldn't use olive oil...

History, politics 

How could people live without olive oil ?
I couldn't.


History, politics 

@thelazyfox When I lived in the UK I tried to cook with sunflower oil. Then, I decided to cut other costs and buy olive oil even if it was superexpensive.

It's curious how food is tied to our sense of identity. There are more examples of riots because of access to a staple food for a community!

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