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New Year resolutions 

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The Fediverse is great thanks to things like the hashtag. Here goes mine!

I can help with:

- Baking: bread and cakes including sourdough

- Academic writing: LaTeX and bibliography management

- College level mechanical engineering (I teach at uni!): vibration, noise, structures, material properties and the like. Also numerical methods, specially finite elements.

- Spanish: I'm a native 😊

Feel free to ask about anything and I'll try to help.

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Now that I'm reading so many I realised that I never introduced myself here!

I'm a researcher in applied mechanics, blogger and home baker. I'm obsessed with sourdough bread and free software and paint and knit whenever I can.

My objective for 2018 is learning to play the mandolin :D

One member of the team together with his coworkers organised a zero plastic conference fighting against the usual practices.

They gave a coffee mug and bottle to the attendees as a present and made the identifying tokens out of seed paper. They also gave an initial speech about the ecological impact and the measures taken so that they could imply everyone in the process.

I'm very proud of them ❤️

I'm now part of the "sustainability team" at work so my usual rants about destroying the planet are backed by other half a dozen ranters.

We have to contact other ranters in other faculties using the tools the university has just to look good.

Coordination is key!

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⚠⚠ #laneskaintza berriak ⚠⚠
💻 Ingeniari tekniko 1
💻 Barne-prozesuetarako teknikari 1
🗓 Aurkezteko epea: OSTIRALA 31

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Music Monday! Harmony is playing more than one note at the same time. When three or more are played at the same time, that's called a "chord" (we can talk about that some other day).

Some people have a real knack for harmony, like the amazing Jacob Collier. Listen to his mind-blowing version of All Night Long, including the beautiful vocal harmonies:

Or him harmonising videos people send him:


Today I was having lunch outside with a friend and a lady congratulated me because of my "appetite".

"You're someone that I would invite to dinner" she said.

"I would *totally* take her out for dinner" her husband said.

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Ya está la tercera lección del curso de #esperanto. Para los que estáis siguiendo el curso: aún me faltan los ejercicios de la lección 2 de algún alumno. Los que manifestasteis la posibilidad de engancharos al curso lo podéis hacer mandando los ejercicios de las dos lecciones anteriores.

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Hementxe nator berriro ere laguntza eske... #e-waste izango dugu gaia astelehenean mintzagai irratian, eta nola #Amazon-ek etab. hainbeste pakete bidaltzeak sortzen dituen isurketak.
Interesgarria izan daitekeen estekerarik bai? ;)
Mila esker #Fedibertsoa!
#LarrialdiKlimatikoa #ElectronicWaste
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🔊🔊 Qué aprendizajes nos han dejado las revueltas de Hong Kong y Catalunya en materia de activismo tecnológico? 📱 ¡Acercáos el próximo 31 de enero a nuestra #EscueladeActivistas!. 💬 Información e inscripciones aquí:
Con @dabidnet 😉

Ha venido al Fediverso @carmina_banana! Démosle la bienvenida!

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[EN] For a long time @ekaitz_zarraga and me have been thinking about opening a custom fabric and DIY product shop. We discovered a local fabric printing shop so we decided to go on and test it.

This is the result of our first test: 100% recycled polyester canvas (made with PET plastic coming from plastic bottles).

Do you like it? Would you like to have some items done with it? Like totebags, cases.

We need some feedback to continue with the idea!



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Also, I'm struggling generalising a formulation that we developed for a 2-layered and 3-layered plates to N-layered ones.

Science, my friends.

Some days I happen to meet a baby and her mum in my morning commute.

The mum is always talking to her in Spanish and Russian and playing with her. They have always a lot of fun.

The baby remembers me and once sang a song to me in baby language with a little dance included, other time she sent me kisses and usually greets me when I get out the train.

It's the best way to start the day 💜

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Ethically sourced goods with Fair Trade labels may cost more, but they help ensure better conditions for farmers in impoverished countries. And that’s important, considering how many things, like sugar and chocolate, are farmed.

I like to cultivate the attitude that, if I can’t afford something without relying on post-imperialist systems of exploitation, then I can’t afford it at all.

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Gender Spectrum 

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