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Now that I'm reading so many I realised that I never introduced myself here!

I'm a researcher in applied mechanics, blogger and home baker. I'm obsessed with sourdough bread and free software and paint and knit whenever I can.

My objective for 2018 is learning to play the mandolin :D

The first two trees of the food forest have been planted: an umbrella pine and an apricot tree.

There were already there a couple of cherry trees thanks to the neighbour and soon a fig tree and a mulberry will have a new home there.

Contra el diluvio publicaron un librito sobre la conquista del espacio, que incluye textos y entrevistas con personas del medio más o menos rural.

Today was my first day of real pruning. I was afraid of our classical too-early-a-spring, so I didn't delay the process more.

I also kept some cuttings for propagation and sharing.

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Just a couple of days into 2022 and we've been already without electricity for some hours and there was a fire very (very) near my house.

2022, please, no more adventures.

I started in 2021 pruning a branch that the wind broke with the telescopic shears.

It's hotter now than in summer and the wind has been very strong lately.

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Ondiz's 2022 adventures will include learning to prune fruit trees.


My uncle gave us a lot of persimmons so I baked cake.

No more classes this semester, just two exams and holidays!


We had rain, hail and wind for 21 days non stop and at least half of the harvest of oranges has been destroyed.

The weather finally gave us a break so I hope the rest will resist.

Síndrome del impostor 

Habla de algo que he visto a menudo en la academia, tanto como estudiante como como profesora:

> la autoexigencia surge de la educación y que, “si me han educado diciendo que soy la que más destaca de clase y llego a la universidad, donde todo el mundo destaca en cosas parecidas, ¿quién soy yo ahora?”, pregunta que lleva a dudar de las propias capacidades, aumentar la carga de trabajo y dejar de valorar los éxitos como tales.

Las cabezas de ajo del año pasado estaban germinando, así que han vuelto a la tierra a continuar el ciclo del ajo.

¡Un lustro sin comprar ajo ya!


The supply of choricero pepper for winter is ready. As I live in a very humid area, I used the dehydrator instead of the sun for drying them.

Some of them are producing sauce for "bacalao a la vizcaína" (Biscay-style cod) right now.


Una entrevista a Ángela Bernardo por su libro "Acoso: MeToo en la ciencia española"

Una entrevista a Ángela Bernardo por su libro "Acoso: MeToo en la ciencia española"


Time to fill the pantry with some herbs and try the dehydrator.

Did I answer the question "where was Navier from" with "from Dijon, like mustard" in Strength of materials class?

I totally did it.

I'm trying to grow saffron this year, which means that I do a little dance when I discover a new sprout.

It's the time of the year in which I convince the PhD students to try LaTeX!

It's my birthday present I guess.

I'm studying English again and having fun with long and short vowel sounds that don't exist in my (mostly) syllable-timed language.

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