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The Fediverse is great thanks to things like the hashtag. Here goes mine!

I can help with:

- Baking: bread and cakes including sourdough

- Academic writing: LaTeX and bibliography management

- College level mechanical engineering (I teach at uni!): vibration, noise, structures, material properties and the like. Also numerical methods, specially finite elements.

- Spanish: I'm a native 😊

Feel free to ask about anything and I'll try to help.

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Now that I'm reading so many I realised that I never introduced myself here!

I'm a researcher in applied mechanics, blogger and home baker. I'm obsessed with sourdough bread and free software and paint and knit whenever I can.

My objective for 2018 is learning to play the mandolin :D

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I'm planning to weave a basket (I like building things) to put vegetables grown by me in and give it as a present to a friend of mine.

Cool thing is that I learned to weave at primary school about 20 years ago and never did it again but *I still remember*.

I can't remember where I left my glasses but still have a skill that haven't use for decades.

Good morning Fediverse!

I was a bit stiff because of painting standing for a too long time, but after my morning yoga I'm ready to enjoy my weekend!

What about you fedifriends?

Also, when I got home and told Parents about Luisa Spagnoli, I discovered that Mom had seen a film about her and knew the whole story!

I think I told you we're making presentations about women in Italian class.

Last time a classmate talked about Luisa Spagnoli, a really interesting businesswoman and inventor, creator of the famous chocolates called Baci (kisses) that come with a little love message.

To finish the presentation, she gave us some to try, taken by her mother-in-law from Rome! She, of course, received a great applause.

Good morning fedipeople!

It's sunny here and vegetables are growing 🌞

Have a nice day!

Carrots and fennels sprouted!

Go Operation Vegetables, go!

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Something that speaks volumes about our business culture (and capitalism itself, maybe) is the fact that people are quick to point out mistakes and inadequacies to customers, suppliers, and business partners, but they will ghost you when they are in the position to thank you or even just to confirm that everything works fine.

In a nutshell, our work/business environments foster negative interactions without encouraging positive ones.

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Do not surrender... 😉

That's "brand" value.

The "value" of fried air.

Mechanical engineers build THINGS.

A visualisation of the brand values of the biggest global companies since 2000 to 2018.

Survellaince capitalism goes up and up.

Also, we mechanical engineers can forget about conquering the world 😂

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have you ever noticed that someone post a screenshot of text without providing an image description, preventing you from being able to read it? or maybe they posted a huge amount of text that just can't possibly be described with the image description feature?

simply tag @OCRbot in a direct reply to the image. it will download the image and scan it using tesseract OCR to output the text contained in the image!

because OCRbot runs on, it has a character limit of 65535, so even the longest images should work OK!

check the reply to this image to see it parsing the attached screenshot!

Some coworkers are working on an European project and bought balloons for a prize giving ceremony and now I have a silver balloon on my place tied to an astronaut.

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Acabo de localizar esta página donde dan trucos para reducir la huella digital:

Estoy contenta porque hago casi todo lo que recomiendan en el reto.

También recomiendan aplicaciones alternativas para mejorar la privacidad:

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¿Alguien de por aquí podría recomendarme algún libro sobre el origen descentralizado de Internet? Creo que hay algún clásico de obligada lectura.

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🔊🔊 Datorren otsailaren 28an ISF-MGI-ren #Aktibistaeskola-ren bigarren saioa izango dugu✏📚 . “Herri Hezkuntza, gizarte emantzipaziorako proposamena” izenburupean, proposamen pedagogiko honen inguruan hausnartzeko aukera izango dugu. Ez ezazue galdu! Informazio gehiago eta izen-ematea hemen:

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