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New Year resolutions 

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The Fediverse is great thanks to things like the hashtag. Here goes mine!

I can help with:

- Baking: bread and cakes including sourdough

- Academic writing: LaTeX and bibliography management

- College level mechanical engineering (I teach at uni!): vibration, noise, structures, material properties and the like. Also numerical methods, specially finite elements.

- Spanish: I'm a native 😊

Feel free to ask about anything and I'll try to help.

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Now that I'm reading so many I realised that I never introduced myself here!

I'm a researcher in applied mechanics, blogger and home baker. I'm obsessed with sourdough bread and free software and paint and knit whenever I can.

My objective for 2018 is learning to play the mandolin :D

This page shows the colours cited in gothic novels:


They weren't so dark at the end.

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Hoy comienza Aste Nagusia en Bilbao y está listo.

Igual que el año pasado: El servicio no utiliza analíticas web de la actividad del usuario. Ni si quiera necesita JS para funcionar (sólo los filtros).

Tiene todos los eventos del Ayuntamiento, Bilboko Konpartsak y salas de conciertos varias.

Si veis problemas o errores y me los notificáis, lo agradeceré mucho.

Disfrutad de las fiestas sin pasaros mucho con la droja y sobre todo molestando a políticos, clérigos, patrocinadores y pintamonas que pretendan cohartar nuestras libertades o ponerle precio a nuestras fiestas.

Hey, Fedipeople!

I'm back from my trip to the Mediterranean and my northern city has welcome me with 19C and rain to compensate 😍

Have you been having fun?

I used garden tools without male supervision and I felt very accomplished until I had to deal with a too tight nut and I lost.

I even had a tantrum but nobody was looking so it was no release.

Beaten by patriarchy, my friends. With the help of its friends: too heavy tools, too tight screws and too big stuff for my hands to hold.

De parte de la niña muy tímida que fui.

Y, para qué engañar, sigo siendo.

Hey, Fedi!

I'm analysing texts for fun and as a project for developing my programming skills.

Soon I'll play with some NLP tools, I think.

What about you? Any cool project around?

Enjoy your Sunday ❤️

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L'estensione #Unpaywall per trovare #ricerca ad #AccessoAperto da Firefox/Chromium è #SoftwareLibero gratis.

Ha oltre 200mila utenti e un milione di usi al giorno. Riesce in 50+ % dei casi, precisione 98+ %.

Quanti #ricercatori la conoscono in Italia?

And fighting against encoding because my mother tongue has *accents*.

Wouldn't be fun if not.

Food mention 

Food (ES) 

Good morning!

Isn't it great to be on holiday? I can do whatever I want and I still get paid.

That's why my secret plan of seducing a millonaire is still going. Also the one of stablishing anarchocommunism, but for this last one I may need some help.

Enjoy your summer (or winter if you're in that part of the Earth)!

Hey, Fediverse!

How are you?

Today I'm getting my new glasses so I'll look even more intellectual.

Also, tomatoes are producing food and that's really amazing.

Enjoy the day! 💜

Estoy de vacaciones y hago algo de vida en el pueblo. Como soy igual que cuando tenía seis años, la gente me reconoce y me saluda. Así, acabo devolviendo el saludo a montones de desconocidos que, a diferencia de mí, han cambiado demasiado.

En otro orden de cosas, tengo un limón.

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Keep a couple of small toys or playdough handy. You can use them to exercie your hands and reduce stress

My little garden is attracting bees, I'm so happy 🐝

Also, the courgette plant is producing female flowers now and more tomatoes are becoming red 🍅

I love gardening!

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