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New Year resolutions 

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The Fediverse is great thanks to things like the hashtag. Here goes mine!

I can help with:

- Baking: bread and cakes including sourdough

- Academic writing: LaTeX and bibliography management

- College level mechanical engineering (I teach at uni!): vibration, noise, structures, material properties and the like. Also numerical methods, specially finite elements.

- Spanish: I'm a native 😊

Feel free to ask about anything and I'll try to help.

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Now that I'm reading so many I realised that I never introduced myself here!

I'm a researcher in applied mechanics, blogger and home baker. I'm obsessed with sourdough bread and free software and paint and knit whenever I can.

My objective for 2018 is learning to play the mandolin :D

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③ today i bring you: an interactive visualization of the six trig functions, which imo makes them make way more sense than basically anything i've seen

Hello, Fediverse!

I already answer the reviewer's comments so now I can dream of growing a whole field of barley while programming some finite elements.

The reaction of my coworkers was: she wants to grow cereal so she can have a sickle. She already has a hammer.

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I'll be giving a 30-40minute talk at my job on January about federated social networks in general, and about services around ActivityPub (Mastodon, Pleroma...) in particular.

Is there any tip that you think is worth mentioning? What would you tell someone to convince him for joining the fediverse?

Academia, reviewers 

Current status: reading reviewers' comments.

Mental health (++) 

I dug an 8 meter long furrow and planted about 50 garlic cloves. After having 40 tomato plants this summer everything looks achievable.

Today is the day: I'm going to plant the garlic!

I went to a workshop and made egg tempera and honey watercolour and now I need a book by Cennino Cennini in which the process of creating a pencil by burning branches is explained.

I went too deep into the rabbit hole, I guess.

Todo lo que hago se explica por este párrafo de «Lo pequeño es hermoso».

@OCRbot spa

He tenido un mes de lo más analógico, hoy, de hecho, he ido a aprender a fabricar pinturas a partir de pigmento.

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"Azterlan batek ohartarazi du teknologia enpresa handiek komunikazioa eta kultura kontrolatzeko boterea dutela"

> UPV/EHUren eta Jaume I Unibertsitatearen azterlan batek Google, Amazon, Facebook, Apple eta Microsoft (#GAFAM) ikertu ditu, eta ondorioztatu du ohiko kultura eta sormen eragileen garapena oztopatzen dutela

I've just been called "the Karl Marx of romanticism".

Cada semana, una de nosotras reflexiona sobre lo tratado en el seminario de la ISF. A mí me tocan las tecnologías para el desarrollo humano:

TL;DR: si solo tenemos en cuenta aspectos técnicos en nuestro trabajo, somo ingenieros de pacotilla.

Looking for my Moleskine notebooks I found some ink drawings from 2014.

(Ese globo está a su vez colgado de una bola navideña con forma de astronauta).

Es posible que me esté frotando la cabeza con un globo que tengo colgado en el trabajo para ver la electricidad estática en lugar de corregir los ejercicios de mis alumnos.

One of my friends gave seeds to me as a present and now I have local red onions in the seedbed ❤️

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