Okay, I could easily declare this one the "best non-metal album of the year". What is your best non-metal album so far?


Kobra Kai! (season 3) The soundtrack of this show is so good. Go Sensei Lawrence. 😂

Jon Schaffer, guitarist of metal band Iced Earth, finally arrested. What a shame to the entire metal community this guy is. This band is done, btw.

Now that more friends are finally joining Signal the app goes down. I hope they resolve the issue soon.

And, yes, I would love it if Portnoy rejoined Dream Theater!

I confess! I'm dying to hear the new Liquid Tension Experiment album. 🤓

I had not slathered makeup on my face since March 2020. It felt so weid to do it again today,,,almost traumatic. I don't know if I'm ready to be "normal" again.

it's hard to pick a favorite album for this year, I definitely listened to Soilwork a lot! What a good way for them to come back. :)

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Also, since I'm new to the site, how do I block all those porn sites on the federated timeline? lol

I should be studying for a final exam right now but I read only a little and my mind goes somewhere else, no particular place. Just can't pay attention. I welcome any tips for good concentration! 🤣


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