Nearly a quarter of designs incorporate the open-source technology, according to the latest biennial Wilson Research Group Functional Verification study.

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My Phone Was Spying on Me, So I Tracked Down the Surveillants

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We need you! Over 1,122,000 people have signed to demand a strong forest law that prevents products from deforestation ending up in our shopping baskets. You can still add your voice here 👉



I guess the move to Arm architecture means that all the phone/tablet apps work on M1, and they 'only' have to persuade a much smaller group of "bigger" app makers to re-build their apps... They've still got work to do there:

They've oft boasted about the number of apps in order to wall-in their users and fend off the competition... they couldn't take the risk of trying to get them all rebuilt.

I guess an app is fairly fundamental in the smartphone generation.

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The lock-in is tight, isn't it. :/
It's even hard to persuade others to use more ethical alternatives concurrently.

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Public sector organisations in the UK which use algorithms in their digital products should make their workings transparent, according to a final report from the Centre for Data Ethics & Innovation

#UKPol #digitalethics

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Friends of the Earth NL is calling on #Shell to start reducing its CO2 emissions to net zero in 2050 instead of planned reduction by only 65% compared with 2016.

📣 Shell has known about climate change at least since the 1950s and invested in public relations campaigns that misled the public about Shell’s real intentions and lobbied against ambitious climate action and policies.
#ClimateJustice #Law #ActNow #einskommafünf maximal!
#ecocide #ShellGuilty


The thing is: they've known about RISC-V for the last 7 years: long enough to design a chip... & there are good reasons for them to use RISC-V:
- it's extensible - good for watch, phone, tablet, PC, workstation
- all devices using the same ISA, same Kernel & OS = Convergence
- they can keep their work proprietary
- they can develop without needing to get things ratified

The downside though, is that app developers would have to re-work their apps.

A cup is an American measurement. There are conversions to grams or ounces online.

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